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The ever so frustrating this with certain road bikes!!!!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by BrandisS, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. I'm not a real mechanical minded person so I won't blabber on too much here but I own a 2008 Yamaha R6. Love the bike. Have owned a CBR1000 which I wrote off but the 600 has enough power for me and looks awesome....apart from the friggin headlights!!! The exact same thing as the CBR with the 1 low beam, 1 high beam set up. It looks stupid! Can anyone tell me if this is for a specific reason? The new R1 has a four light setup with 2 low beams and 2 high beams, why can't the R6??? Can anyone tell me how to modify this or where to find an aftermarket headlight so my otherwise perfect bike doesn't continued to be ruined because it has one light??!! It just looks wrong and I want it fixed but don't know how and have tried to find out how to. Help...PLEASE.

  2. Hi, welcome to the forum. Why don't you pop over to the Welcome Lounge section and introduce yourself and your bike.

    Don't despair, yes you can get dual-headlight setups for R6. I am
    sure you will find with a good bit of internet searching or maybe one
    of the other netriders can direct you.

    A lot of companies do this so as to reduce the amount of electricity
    needed for the lights, this allows a smaller alternator and less weight
    and better engine performance. If you connect two lights to this
    permanently, you might get a flat battery more easily, especially if you do lots of short trips.
  3. I dont see what your problem is, personally I love the single headlight on set up.

    If you are after the twin look, then you will have to arrange dual fillerment globes, splice the loom so that it will direct the low & high beam to both sides of the bike.

    You also will have to look at the current draw of the 2 light system, as Hotcam said, this can put a strain on your electrical system and burn you reg/rectiffer and other things like stata coil out sooner, let alone draw your battery dead.

    I havent seen any kits for the latest R6's to run both lights, nor have I seen them for 06-07's either.
  4. I am an ex-auto electrician and the electrical side of it is no probs, however, the reason these headlights have the 1 low, 1 high setup is due to the design of the reflector. Both bulbs are 55W. The high beam reflector is slightly different to the low beam and this isn't a simple fix.
  5. Yes this is true, the other headlight will not put out the same light pattern, however I don't think that Brandiss is too worried about that, just wants to see both sides light up so the bike looks balanced. Am I right?
  6. I have this, and its been said before; that its to help with night time riding.
    Where a car sitting at an intersection could mistake you for a distant car and start to pull out, instead of seeing you as a bike upclose, with the dual headlights working.
  7. In part. I do want the look of two headlights. It just looks like one isn't working when they are on low beam. However, while I have looked at it and the low beam seems to be more potent then the high beam, I have had people flash me for riding around with both on, obviously they are catching the "spot" created by the high beam. I would prefer not too annoy or blind other motorists if possible. There lies the dillemma. Apart from that, I am more then happy to keep riding around with my high beams constantly on. I don't do a huge amount of night riding as I basically use my R6 as my work commuter and only rarely on the late night finishes "more common than you would expect in Car Sales" will I require the actual use of the lighting. It is purely a cosmetic want of mine. I can't believe noone has ventured down this path before. Does anyone else hate the look of the one headlight on, one off?
  8. BrandisS, If it bothers you this much maybe look into getting the headlights from a US or left had used bike??? the direction of the low & high beams from Aust to US would change.

    The way to check this is by looking at the head light glass and looking for a little round circle with a capital E and small number following it.
    They have a small arrow under the E to show the direction of the beam. This maybe alot of trouble but it will send the beam the right way if you wish to have both lights on.

    Just another thought, oh and yu can normally find a set of head lights on US fleabay, those guys crash so many of the late R6's.
  9. The US headlights are the same configuration.
  10. yes but you will find that it is the opposite side that comes on

    riding around with your high beam on constantly is an arragant thing to do, its both dangerous and illegal so cut it out, and hard up, boohoo both head lights don't work on low beam, get over it
  11. Alright, well start an argument with your obviously sub-par intellect. The high beam light is not brighter!!! Get that through your thick head. It isn't a case of simply switching the power delivery from one headlight to the other, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered asking imbeciles like you for help. If anything, the low beam light delivers and more concentrated spot then the high beam light (go figure). The look I am after, which was pointed out earlier, is a balanced look with the same spread pattern. You can call me arrogant if you like. I will call you disabled loser. I have more chance of blinding people by riding with two headlights sharing the same spread as the current low beam. That's fine, as again, like I said (if you can read) is that I don't do much night time riding at all and as such will not have such a drastic effect...tosser.
  12. OK, OK, just before we start the cagematch (or you two get a room): Brandis, have you thought about the point raised above? That cars generally judge the distance to an on-coming vehicle at night by using the apparent separation of the headlights (perspective), and that your two close-together headlights might read as a car further away rather than as a bike close, putting you in danger? You say you don't do much night riding, but do you do none? Is there no chance you'll get caught out after dark? And to what extent is a more fashionable look worth increasing the risk to yourself.

    Absolutely your call and your decision, but at least understand the trade-off you're making.
  13. I haven't yet ridden it at night. Also, if I do intend on riding it at night, the streets on which I would ride it are lit enough anyway. So yeh, the fashionable look sounds good.
  14. gino!

  15. no i;'m saying get the reflector for the high beam side of yours from the states, as the high beam will actually be on the opposite side to yours to pass the american equivalant to the adrs, thats why imported bikes have to have the headlighhts changed to beregistered here

    do you really think the high beam is any duller during the day fcuk wit i know exactly what you were saying, high beam, during the day still BLINDS people i travel around in a 4x4 during the day and get blinded by scum bags like you with the high beam on, have fun when you blind someone and they run you over
  16. Every time I see someone with high beam on, I flash mine a few times. *Sometimes* they get the idea, but its a bit hit and miss.
    Oh, and you can be fined for it~ Its something like 'Failure to dip headlights'.
  17. Lights

    Check a wiring diagram & relays used on your bike. It could be as easy as plugging in an extra relay. That's how Triumph ST/RS headlights work. Plugged in a relay to the spot that was vacant & Bobs your mother's brother!
  18. The US headlights are actually no different. Despite what you would expect, the high beam is still on the left, not the right.
  19. So then the only difference between US and AU headlights is the
    shape of the low beam reflector, and thus the light beam. Interesting.

    (AU headlight low beam must make
    a horizontal and lower bright beam across the middle
    and right of the road, but light up the left side of the road fully
    to illuminate road signs etc).
  20. I must admit that it makes absolutely no sense that the Australian and US headlights are identical. You are correct in how the low beam light works (the spread to the left is actually to allow you to see anything off the side of the road, not specifically signs). I don't know why the US headlight is the same while the ride on the other side of the road, but I have made the enquiry and that is what I have been told by people from the US. Can anyone confirm 100% any different??