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The ever changing LAMS list!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Samhain, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Ok,

    So 2 months ago I checked the vic LAMS list which was posted on the vicroads site (no not a redirection to the RTA site) and noted the RVF400 was on the list... as we all know... and a month ago I got my L's at HART and [edited for simplicity] ordered an RVF400 from an importer.

    While waiting for my bike I decided to check out the lsit again the other day and discovered the RVF400 is no longer on it!

    Naturally I call Vicroads and they claim that since the list can change there is othing they can do and I will have o apply for a exemption! Pffft!

    Thanks to this forum I found a direct link to an old pdf still on the VicRoads server that was publsihed on 23rd of June, clearly showing the RVF400 on the list!

    [edited for simplicity]

    My bike should arrive in a couple weeks... and if it has a LAMS rego label (as the importer claims there will be), I am not concerned... however, if it doesn't have a LAMS rego, I am going to have a fight with Vicroads on my hands!

    [edited to add more info]

    Just to clarify, I ordered the bike while it was on the official list and have saved a copy of the PDF and a nice operator at the VicRoads call centre confirmed the link and emailed the details back to herself to prove it was sighted by her in case they give me greif...

    This is rediculous I am sure everyone will agree... though I am wondering if anyone has any tips or experience dealing with VicRoads to this effect?

    Thanks all for ur time!
  2. it will probably disappear off the NSW list shortly as well, we have had discussion on the exact same bike on canberrariders the rvf actually works out to have 192kw/tone with the way they work out the power to weight instead of the approved 150kw/tonne, becareful as you could get stung because the new rego labels will have to have lams printed on them and its not on the list when the bike gets rego, it wont get lams printed on the sticker
  3. hi samhain
    comming from a dealer point of veiw, there were a number of customers that wanted bikes that have since been removed from the list i think you are in a bind and really as we have suggested never should have purchased till the list was finalised on the 1st. i guessing the importers were not so forthcoming with that advice. vic roads have clearly stated that the list is effective from the date that lams comes in and is always subject to modification which makes the list up untill then provisional. vicroads will be a nightmare to deal with what may be possible is an excemption to ride the bike to and from work. it used to be possible but im old noe and things may have changed :grin: good luck
  4. IMO, If you placed your order whilst it was still on the LAMS list, ( and you can prove it ), You won't have any dramas.
  5. Government departments make up the rules to suit. Just dealing with bureaucracy is drama enough. :(
  6. Hmm yes.

    While we're on the topic.

    Should I have a new rego label with LAMS printed on it by now?
    Has anyone else received theirs?

    I had by GS500E registered by vicroads a couple months ago.
  7. welcome to my world :p :LOL:
  8. I don't really see how that makes the list always provisional? The list states the bikes are approved, it does not say "provision list" nor does it say "these bilkes might be approved".

    There is also no disclaimer I can find stating that a bike on that list can be removed at any time - they only mention that bikes may be added.

    The list I have a copy of was publsiehd by them only 7 days before LAMS came into effect.

    If the list was provisional (ie, not approved) what value would there have been in publishing it?

    The link the the list specifically states "Approved list of motorcycles for novice riders" as per the title of the document.


    [EDIT] - Just checked the list and it's back on!!!!! whoo hoo :) now shhhhhh they mihgt pull it again! :) hehe *gulp*
  9. I registered a LAMs bike on 1st July and it has 'LAM' on the rego sticker.
    Not exactly a smooth process at Vicroads though...took them about 15 minutes to establish that the model (Ducati Monster 620) was in their system as 'M-LAMS'...at first they said it wasn't on the list until I showed them the latest printout list from their (Vicroads) website AND the old rego label with 'LAMS' on it.
  10. VRoads are useless!!!
  11. I was watching LAMS web pages very closely for quite a few months. The Vic Roads site definitely had a clause up saying something along the lines of, the list was subject to final approval & as such could/may change. Then when it all became finalised a couple of weeks ago the list had changed & clause was removed.

    Good to hear your bike is back on Samhain.