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The 'Events on Uneventful Rides' Thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. No prangs, no big scares... but it's sometimes fun to share the tales of the little stuff.

    Like the very tiny (maybe 4?) Asian girl, holding her pregnant mum's hand as she crossed the road in front of me, who was fascinated by the bike and chatting away to her mum and grinning, and smiled shyly when I waved.

    Or the fourby that hit the anchors in the middle of the road in front of me, no indicators or anything. I'm all 'WTF?!'... then I realise that there's an old dog standing in the middle of the road. She toots the horn and he meanders over into the other lane... then spots me and decides to chase the bike. He gets pretty close, but I send a kick that doesn't hit but makes him dodge so I can ride away without getting grabbed. He goes back to standing in the middle of that lane, and I worry that the truck I pass barrelling the other way will clean him up...

    After that, the car that comes to an almost complete stop in front of me before bothering to indicate is anticlimactic.
  2. I had a nice uneventful ride on sunday. Locked myself out of the house and all I could do was break into my shed where the bike and all my gear was, and go on a 6 hour ride while waiting for the wife to come home.

    Turned out to be more of a driver education type day.

    Idiot #1

    Little red hatch. We were cruising up a two lane single direction main road, both in the left lane, me about 20 meters behind him, in a 100 zone. cruising niceley, clear roads ahead, nothing out of the ordinary. Smoke starts pouring out the back of his car, and he starts getting closer to my front end in a hurry. Then his brake lights come on. Judging by the smoke, he has just reefed up the handbrake at 100 kph, done a nice little skid, then put his foot on the brakes.

    I stand on the fronts, check my mirror, no one there, gas it hard and move into the right hand lane to avoid him. As i pull level with him, he accelerates hard to stay level with the bike. I'm thinking wtf? and look over, and he has a back seat full of kids, all pointing at the bike looking in awe and waving.


    Idiot #2

    Traffic was a little heavier, I'm looking to move over a lane to the right with 150m to go to the set of lights where I need to turn right. (In SA we dont have those silly hook turns) I've got the indicator on, the car I'm trying to get behind is slowing down already, towards a green light, is indicating, so I assume she wants to go into that lane as well.

    So I'm slowing down as well, check my mirror and go to pull in behind her (my indicators are on) and a 4WD behind me lurches over to the right lane, without indicating, and accelerates a little, closing the gap. He has shut me out cos his nose would take out my back wheel if I try and move over. The car infront of me gets in ok, and this guy in the 4WD just moves up closer to her. I look up and over at the guy, AND HE WAVES AT ME! Smart ass look on his face and all.
    So Im stuck in the wrong lane, and get to miss my turn. But low and behold, the ligths change. We all get to stop.

    So I pull up next to the guy and gesture "What gives." Here in SA the law says if you are in front of the other guy, and indicating, he has to let you in. I remind him of this and he tells me I should have given myself more room... (now I take no responsibility for my actions in this next bit. The devil made me do it, Honest.)

    The light for my lane has gone green, so I pop a wheelie and tear across the intersection. There is an opening in the median strip to the right, I chuck a U-turn (legally) and travel back towards the lights this guy is sitting at. So now all I have to do is turn left, and I've made my right turn (albeit the long way). But I can't, I have to stop. I press the pedestrian button that crosses my left turn. I know he sees me still cos he has been watching me since the wheelie. I flip him the bird, and he knows what I've done, cos he just starts punching the crap out of his steering wheel. I turn left and head for the freeway as he sits through a second round of red lights... moron.

    Idiot #3

    Travelling in the centre lane of Anzac Highway, traffic around, but not too bad. Car in front of me in the left lane, I'm still in the middle, and a car to the right opposite his door. I'm about 15 meters back and can see left lane dudes eyes in his mirror. There is a car ahead parked in the left lane. I'm still watching him, and he still hasn't looked up. As he gets to the parked car, he moves straight over into my lane, didn't look, didn't indicate, just moved. I drop a gear and come up along side him and give a little toot. He looks over, and I shake my head, he just looks ahead and keeps driving. I make the "What gives" gesture for the second time today, he ignores me, I point at his indicators and make a blinky blinky motion with my hand, I put a finger to my head and make the swirly "crazy" signal. I throw on an indicator and pull infront of him. Then I indicate and move over again, and drop back to sit next to him again. I do a little happy dance in my seat and give a little cheer and a clap, on account of me being so adept at indicating and all...

    Meanwhile his wife in the left seat has clearly been berating him since the time I tooted, she looks mad, and keeps pointing at me. He keeps shaking his head and looking at the road. I swear to god it looked like she wanted him to apologise. She was nice enough to wave. But the bit I liked was after the crazy sign, his 3 kids in the back have proceeded to piss themselves laughing you could see them pointing at dad and laughing and yelling shit at him. Totally a mastercard moment... Twat.

    So I guess for 6 hours of riding, that was the most exciting thing that happened, other than the peg scrape on Devil's Elbow. My first scrape ever. I had to pull over and pee from all the excitement.

    Normally I'm a pretty tame sort of guy. People cut me off and stuff, but they usually wave and acknowledge their stupidity. That makes it ok in my book, I know we are hard to see if you don't look.

    But the ones that think they have done no wrong cos MC riders are just scum, well this is what you can all expect from me. On a bad day anyway.


    Oh and I can't forget the Limo. She stands up from the sunroof and flashes her rather nice boobs at me. Then asks for a wheelie. I explain that I can't cos I have to turn here. She says "Oh" all the excitement is gone from her voice. And she sits back down in the limo..??!!? I bet she learned next time, you ask for the wheelie first! :D
  3. *hope
  4. A re-post of mine from an old thread, but definitely one of the 'little things' that make a ride memorable,

    "A while ago I was riding at night on a narrow empty country road, slowly as it was roo infested. Out of nowhere came a night parrot with a wingspan of half a meter and eyes like saucers. He flew in perfect formation beside me at shoulder height for a while, and we stared into each others eyes, each revelling in our own brand of freedom."
  5. Then the parrot hit you and you named him Smidsy?
  6. Punched my first mirror recently. I had a taxi pull out of a side street into my lane, when I was only 30-40m away. I know he saw me... I was momentarily incensed so on the way past, I punched his mirror. The mirror folded up at the slightest touch so I think he got a fright rather than a pain to the wallet.

    Then on the same ride, ~600m down the road, a big old fairlane wobbles out of a side street into my lane [at the same 40m distance]. I see it was a P plater and I'm certain she saw me so I'm thinking WTF?!?! This time I zoomed up and beside the driver, clutched in and gave the bike a big old rev, then dropped the clutch and zoomed off. Hopefully she had a "where the #@$% did he come from?" experience and will know to look bike.

    After that, I split the traffic for fun and finally made it my appointed cafe for a lovely coffee and catch up... All good!

    LMAO @ the non wheely tit flash!
  7. I'm pretty sure I've posted this one before, but one of my favourite moments was riding along through Scheyville NP (North West of Sydney) and getting 'the nod' from the driver of a horse & cart going the other way...

    For those that were on the second ever Sydney Netride (to Wollombi of course) will remember going through some little country town (can't remember the name) which just happened to be having it's annual fair/market day. No other traffic for the last half hour, come round a bend and whammo, cars everywhere, double parked, u-turning, pedestrians wandering all over the road... And the girl in the red dress... Mmmmmm.
  8. :driver: ` :rofl:

    About three weeks ago riding home along the Monash carpark bit dark and a bit wet. No worries cars all around me I'm splitting as usual, I come upon stopped cars and slow down. :biker: Car on my left front sees me and moves across to the left to let me through [the cars were too close to get through] OK off I go but the car on the right says stuff this and just as I am about a metre off the back of his car he pulls across to the left and blocks me. I know he saw me because he flipped the bird. :jerk: Me emergency brake, and then split anyway. :bolt:

    Last night cruising along the freewat again, big semi in middle lane me on the right go past at 110kmh so I don't get stuck in blindspot, no luck he decides to join me, must have liked my bike. :eek:hno: Oops use them brakes again and then the car behind me starts to flash his lights FFS.
  9. Idiot #2... well done VFR!

    I was at the lights the other day when a frustrated mother and her screaming toddler started to cross the road. As the little girl got dragged past she looked at me, I waved, and she smiled the rest of the way :)
  10. Well, last week I was out for a practice ride with my husband riding in front (supposed to be looking after me as I am on L's), when all of a sudden I felt horrible sharp pains in my neck, so I signalled and pulled over. Husband rode off into the distance and hadn't even noticed. I wasn't sure if I'd been hit by a stone or what but later it all swelled up so I think I copped a bee sting. And my husband got real shitty with me because I'd pulled over! Like what was I supposed to do?? :shock:

    Luckily, that is the most unusual/unexpected thing to have happened to me so far whilst out and about :)
  11. Was this BEFORE he knew you pulled over because you were in pain? or can he iron his own friggin' shirts for a week now?
  12. ...and you know 'iron his shirts' is a euphemism, right? ;)
  13. well, I'm not even going to go there........ :grin:

    yeah - he was shitty with me before he knew why I'd pulled over, and was still pretty shitty with me afterwards, but didn't seem to be able to tell me what I should've done instead :)

    But i think he was just worried - when he realised I wasn't behind him (eventually) I think he thought i'd come off the bike and was lying in a heap somewhere.
  14. Well that's what my story would be if I got busted for attitude with a girl :grin:

    Only acceptable reason for being upset with you.
  15. I remember once riding back from Bendigo coming across a line of traffic that had stopped so farmers could transfer a herd of sheep from once side of the road to the other. Some idoit cager up front decides that beeping the horn will speed up the process and the sheep scatter. A large group starts heading up the empty lane towards me so I decide to see if the Kat can do a good impersonation of a Kelpie. A bit of low speed swerving and some well timed engine revs soon sends them heading back to where they're supposed to be going. A few waves and thanks from the farmers and I'm back on the road - an interesting distraction to an otherwise completely uneventful ride.
  16. thats gold JD.. good work. some funny shit in there.

    recently on my commute to work, which is sometimes the only chance i get to ride during the week, i wasnt far from home when i notice a young kid probably about 10ish looking at the bike from the car in front. i follow the car, and they pull into a right turning lane on the outside of a curve int he road, so while im banked over, i wave to the kid.. the kid was obviously happy cause she waved back.. i look back to where im meant to be looking, to see a car also performing a right tunr.. straight fromt he road where the kids car was turning in.. right infront of me. so i do the whole countersteer thing and turn around and give the guy the bird, to see some old dude there waving at me to apologise.

    that stood out as a non event. i have these regularly. it makes my trips to work fun and breaks the monotny of the commute so it actually doesnt bother me.