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The eventful adventures of Mr Newbie.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sir_b, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Picked up my new old gpx250 from Coco today and had an uneventful ride home. Had a coffee, a chat, then got back on the bike for a proper ride.

    That's where the fun starts.

    First event happened in Eltham. Had a cop behind me so I was a little tentative and going slow, it turned out to be a good thing as someone pulled out of a driveway *right* in front of me. Emergency brake time, lucky I was only doing 40. Pulled up with a few metres to spare. 2 minutes later I look in my mirror and his light are on... Here we go... Turned off the main road and pulled over. As soon as I the cop got out of the car I said "did I do anything wrong?", he said no but said my riding left a bit to be desired. I explained that I'd just picked up the bike and that having him behind me was making me even more nervous. He said he'd been riding for 25 years and blah blah blah, so I did a bretho and we had a chat and he basically just told me to be careful and whatnot and sent me on my way. Funny that I got pulled over by the cops the day I got my car licence too, more than 10 years ago...

    Anyway, got back on the bike and kept going. 20 or so minutes later in Macleod I had a car turn straight in front of me at a round about in the backstreets. Emergency Brake and got on the horn. It was then that she saw me and I saw her mouth "f*&k" to herself for turning in front of me. All good, that one was pretty mild.

    10 minutes after that, I go around a bend and see a 4wd heading in my direction and a commodore on the wrong side of the road, 3/4 into my lane, only 50 metres away. I think "shit, he's pointed right at me, lucky there's time for him to move back" and the MOTHERF*$KER doesn't pull back in, stays 3/4 into my lane, on a STRAIGHT ROAD NOT EVEN OVERTAKING pointed right at me. No point braking as he's coming right at me at 60kph so I counter steer towards the gutter, and almost smack it and miss him by a metre or so. I lean back towards the road and keep riding. That sounds graceful, the whole maneouver however was done with my cheeks clenched tighter than a scrawny bloke taking his first shower with his new cellmate Bubba. I was really *lucky* to not smack the gutter because I was looking right at it and had a brain fade moment and panicked. It was then that I thought, "these car drivers all want to kill me".

    The rest of the ride was reasonably uneventful, got the front wheel up a little (didn't even mean it) on a hard take off from the lights, which was fun :) Ran out of petrol and didn't get it onto reserve until it conked out, and then had someone back out of their driveway in front of me 200 metres from home :)

    Riding bikes is as dangerous as hell, but I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face for the last few hours :)

    (Sorry for the long pointless post, I'm hyped and felt the need to get this down :) )

    Big thanks to Coconuts for hooking me up with this bike, it's a fantastic bike for a good price and I couldn't be happier with it.

  2. can't wait for tomorrow ride report.

    glad you had a good day

    safe riding
  3. Congrats on the new bike, that was an eventful first ride on it!! glad you dealt with all the situations alright.

    maybe im just lucky, ive still never had anyone do me any wrong whilst on the bike... fingers crossed.
  4. Man, what an eventful first ride. hehehehe

    Congrats mate and stay safe.

    :D :D
  5. Haha, well done on surviving the first day of chaos.
    You'll learn pretty quickly that whilst on 2 wheels you have that mythical "+40 to Stealth" and a "Cloak on Invisibility" to all other tin tops.

    Mr. Miyagi voice - "Soon you will learn the ways of the ninja and learn to see stupidity before it see's you."
  6. Thanks for the kind words all :)

    Koma: I knew intellectually that cars don't see bikes all of the time, but it's completely different to experience it first hand. The near head-on with the commodore was out of control, I'm still blown away that anyone could be so ridiculously stupid. On one hand I regret not going after him now, but on the other it's better I didn't because it wouldn't have been pretty. It was the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my almost 11 years of licenced driving.

  7. Farken hell, that's ridiculous.

    You need to start riding like a bastard. Then they stay out of your goddamn way, even if it's only because they think you're a psycho.
  8. Sounds Like Fun, So What you got for your next outing.

    Mafia mobsters, Granny Practicing To Drive. Garbage truck vendetta's

    Look forward to seeing the stats :p
  9. As its illegal to ride on the footpath I'm not sure there's not much you can do about the idiots on your side of the road *shrugs*.

    I've only been on the bike a month now but what I had taught to me at Stay Upright and again on the road is that generally drivers are d%^@heads. Expect them to drive carelessly and recklessly and you usually won't be dissapointed. Allow them to make mistakes.

    I'm lucky in the respect that I have had a pushy in the city for a while so I know what to expect from drivers.
  10. I was going to say much the same sorts of things; you weren't on the Titanic by any chance, were you??? :shock:

    Stay safe, buddy, keep your eyes and ear alert and hopefully you've had all your bad luck on the first day
  11. Takes care dude. It can be bad out there but generally not that bad...
  12. hey Sir B
    not a bad effort for a first day
    its amazing what you get used too :D
    just remember, use your horn to warn people about a potential accident etc
    but dont go spraying anyone , as you are just starting out and if you spray the wrong person , you havent got the bike or the riding ability to be able to sort out the situation.
    you will find that the ones that do this kind of stuff to you are the arogant arseholes and they are generally up for a bit of road rage as they dont like being told that they are pricks .

    so take care, bite your lip at the moment , get the time on the bike and get confident with it, i am over reservior not far away , i work shift work.
    so if you are home during the day and want to go for a short ride with someone just to get used to traffic , etc etc just PM me


  13. only if he would take his own advice. :p :p :p :p
  14. I am a well mannered and considerate and responsable road user :p

    until i catch them :LOL:
  15. Did almost 400k's today with a mate (Ben, rides an r6) from home to king lake to healesville through the black spur to eildon and back through box hill way. Was an awesome ride, I'm absolutely knackered, and I learnt SO MUCH. Ben told me a few things I was doing wrong with my cornering, I corrected them, and I feel so much better on the bike now. I'm staying relaxed through the corners, using my body correctly, huge huge improvement over how I was riding. Confidence is up too :)

    Seems like I did use up all my bad luck on the first day, which is good :) The worst that happened was a few idiots tailgating, which is to be expected and we did our best to let them through when we could. No cut offs, no pull outs, no cars coming at me head on, was a much more relaxed ride. Fingers crossed my first day was just bad bad luck.

    Thank you all for the feedback and the support. Glen, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now, but I'm always going to be up for a ride :) I'm sure there's heaps you could point out to me too. (I knock off work at 3pm, so any time after 3:30 I can do Monday to Friday).

  16. the funny thing is that after fiew years I don'y notice my near colisions with cars... I take my wife as a pilion and some times she makes coments after a ride like: that driver there almost hit us and that driver there run a stop sign... and that time when you did the emergency braking... I can't remember those moments...
  17. I'm beginning to feel that looking like the typical rough-head bike rider is a big advantage 8)

    I'm overweight, butt-ugly (politically correct people may say "ruggedly hansome" but no, I fell out of the ugly tree and hit every farkin branch!!!)
    wear black jacket and more often than not, black draggin jeans, beard hangs out the bottom of the helmet, & ride a black bike (tintops have no idea it's only a too-fiddy)

    I have the need to use the occasional Italian hand signal (love their expressive use of hands :p ) but apart from thumping the window of an arrogant 4 wheeled BMW steerer and yelling extreme profanity at a Volvo steerer after they cut me off three times in quick succession I've settled down and learnt to anticipate most events.

    Generally, as long as I keep drifting around in my lane, keeping the headlight moving and therefore attracting their attentention I'm OK.

    Ahhh stereotyping... wonderful eh?

  18. LOL JJ, maybe I should whip my helmet off in traffic and put my rough head on display, might get me some respect :)

    300 posts!

  19. Congrats on a safer and less stressful second day! It's good to get feedback from other experienced riders OUT THERE RIDING; you can put it into practice straight away.

    And congrats on feeding your addiction to Netrider to the level of 300 posts, keep 'em coming!!