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The Esplanade Mornington - Open ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know if The Esplanade that runs from Mornington to Dromana is open again ?

  2. Nope, still closed as of yesterday. I think its going to be closed for a fair while too.
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    I'm assuming you're talking about past the MT martha shops and in the twisty bit?

    Was still closed the other day when i was down there.

    You do know there is a detour? about halfway down the esplanade (past the shops obv) you turn left up whatever road it is and then right and then come down the hill and back onto the esplanade just before the bridge at safety beach.
  4. Thanks fellas.
    Yes that is the road i was talking about.
    I have done the detour earlier this year and it is a pain in the arse.
    Just planning a peninsula run Wednesday morning and might head out the other side instead now
  5. Apparently there is a Aboriginal midden along that road and they need to work out how to preserve the site before the road can be repaired.
  6. fair enough.
  7. We need the Greeks out there.

    Slash, Burn, Concrete and home in time for Gyros
  8. Nah if the Greeks find even a coin from antiquity they will build a museum, then sell it to the highest bidder to pay off the debt.
  9. Why was it closed? I havent been there for a while but the run to Safety Beach is still one of my faves.
  10. The road collapsed down the cliff.
  11. Crap! which specific part? Do you know?
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  12. Bloody GFC.
    The road will probably be astro turf now
  13. So the rebuilding of the road is delayed while they try to figure out what to do about what is in effect an Aboriginal rubbish dump for kitchen waste.
  14. So you googled it too ay Nobs
  15. Thats pretty much it.... I dont think they realised there was a midden until the road collapsed... now thats one way to preserve a site, build a road over it... :)
  16. Can't they just build twisty bits around it?

    The folks on the detour roads are gonna be pissed off come Xmas holidays
  17. We all bow to the almighty Google ..;)
  18. Anyone know if this road is open yet ?