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The epitome of stupidity on radio talkback 3mtr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vahramh, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Around 12:30 today I had the pleasure of listening to Melbourne Talk Radio MTR 1377 today for about 3 minutes. The host and his guest (didn't catch their names) were discussing motorcycle related road toll, and in these 3 minutes I heard a barrage of incredible stupidity!

    The icing on the cake was the idea of banning motorbikes to reduce the road toll.

    Wow! How come they didn't suggest banning cars as well, thus reducing the road toll to zero? And while we're at it, we could ban having children, as in the long term that would reduce the death toll of the mankind to zero.

    Another great idea suggested by the show - insurance companies should refuse life insurance to motorbike riders.

    Funnily enough, both the presenter and the guest admitted of never having ridden bikes. The guest described a situation where "a bike appeared next to him out of nowhere". The way I understand it - he wasn't paying attention, and wasn't scanning his mirrors, thus we have a driver education issue rather than a bike rider problem.

    Some (perhaps most?) people just can't live without a big brother telling them what to do!

    I think that the overall environment has come to paying more attention to reports, KPI's, numbers and so on, than to improving the quality of life. Let's reduce the speed limit, ban smoking, ban changing the light bulb etc... Even something as straightforward as wearing seat belts should not be the law, it should be common sense! And no one group of people (in this case - car drivers) should be told that the other group (bike riders) is wrong, especially if all the other group is doing is enjoying life!

    Dear MTR 1377 - it's OK, I love freedom, and I defend your right to talk rubbish.
  2. Re: The epitome of stupidity

    You and those people that phoned in would be the only ones listening to that radio station.
    Their listeners are only preaching to the converted.
  3. Just shows the anti bike movement is having its desired affect on the stupid people amongst us.
  4. ban motorbikes? one of the dumbest things I have heard
  5. Well they only have a maximum of 6,000 people listening at any one time.
  6. They have an average listener age of what.... 264? Not a lot to be expected in terms of common sense and generally the personality type to ring up are those who preferred society 50 years ago.
  7. They get ratings by being outspoken twats, there really is no use getting angry because they won't learn their lesson. They are just catering to their demographic, old and ignorant (to generalise a tad).

    I just hope none of them are politicians...
  8. Re: The epitome of stupidity

    ^^^ what smee said.
  9. Problem, reaction, solution.
  10. Could you call in to correct them?
  11. You can call, but I wouldn't give you one chance in ten of getting your message on air. Or, if you did, it may be a 15 minute phone call where the shock jock started out sounding reasonable, but gradually got more offensive, until you dropped a few F-bombs, and then guess how the (slightly edited) interview would sound?

    Publicity 101 - Do not go into a hostile interview trying to sell a message that media outlet doesn't want to support. The very best that can happen is that you'll look like a fool.
  12. We had our current mra pres and former mra pres get into exactly this situation, they were made to look like fools by the shock jocks as they had a set agenda.
  13. The editing bit can't happen in a live radio, but it means the caller HAS to be super savvy to remain on message.
  14. The only exception to this I have heard of is the 7 second delay - but to be used to strategically edit I can't think would be all that easy.

    What a caller would have to contend with is hosts who do this for a living and control the program - often you can hear where they just hang up and go to another caller as if the original caller was finished.

    The old rule of don't argue with an idiot applies - they will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
  15. :WStupid:

    Don't wrestle with pigs in shit, they are the only ones having fun.
  16. Don't cast your pearls before swine.

    I have other pearls of wisdom, but I won't share them with you.
  17. Que? Ummm... I used to call talkback quite a bit to argue with the hosts when I was in Sydney. I always found they were up for a good argument if you were intelligent and reasonable.

    Never had to resort to the F bomb when talking about something I believe passionately in... or gets broadcast live. Maybe I'm the strange one.
  18. Is MTR still on the airwaves? Last ratings poll i saw they were broadcasting to all of 5 people.
  19. Then picture the old US recruiting poster, uncle sam pointing at you out of the poster. "WE NEED YOU." This side of the argument needs people who are mentally quick on their feet and have good verbal skills. If you are that person, then "come on down."
  20. If you banned cars off the road i can guarantee the motorbike roadtoll would be completely slashed, by what? 70%+

    How many accidents are caused by riders?

    How many are caused by cars.

    Hell. if were going to say stuff like that.. how many accidents are caused by drunks?

    Should we start shooting DUIers?

    C'mon. Some radio presenter ate a bowl of stupid for breakfast. Nothing to see here.