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The environment ISN'T a religion????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Anyone who doubts that the environment is not now a world-wide religion on which all can agree without threatening anyone else's position should mosey on over to Google.

    On Good Friday, a rather special day in many people's calendar, Google's logo is for Earth Day :roll:.

  2. oh for f*ucks sake hornet. who gives a shit?

    good friday isn't for ALL religions, and who gives a shit if they have something else instead?

    personally, all the hype over easter pisses me off - i'm not religious, so i don't want to walk into my local woolworths with easter decorations everywhere - i just like it for the chocolate.

    are you seriously that upset that they don't have a special logo for your special day?

    get over it man. open your mind.
  3. not seriously upset, or even upset at all, just commenting, is that ok?
  4. Good Friday is a day we celebrate the crucifiction of some jewish fraud. Of course there is a tribe of people who in this day and age STILL believe that fraudster was actually the son of a fictitious person, born to a virgin. Its so stupid it makes me want to puke.

    I find earth day just as offensive.
  5. sure didn't sound happy.

    sounded rather annoyed, tbh
  6. Fraud, eh? Wanna have a stab at justifying that? Or are you just attempting to be as offensive as those who offend you?
  7. Hornet's tastes don't run to iconoclasm. Personally, I support anything that gets us a public holiday. Even the Queen (whose head ought've graced a pike a long time ago) is alright by that yardstick...
  8. I'm not saying I'm offended by it or what not, I appreciate the public holiday. But I don't understand why this would offend or confuse people?

    It's just google, and it's just another day?
  9. Yay for public holidays. What was todays for?
  10. Whoa.... this could get interesting. :)
    Ps I had bacon and eggs for breaky. Lightning has not struck me yet. And yer I chickened out and had fish for dinner. Well a seafood basket down the spit.
  11. I lost my virginity on a good friday, so obviously it's a public holiday for me popping my cherry! :D
  12. lol i had bacon and eggs for brekky too.

    to hornet..


    but seriously, just because some website hasnt changed their logo for one religious day doesnt mean you have to get so offended. alot of people just like this weekend for the extra days off to go riding (and dodge police mans).
  13. that's just too easy dude, look into the history of easter for a start (i'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with some guy becoming a shish-kebab. that story was fabricated for the masses to swallow)
  14. man i could go a shish-kebab right now! nom nom nom
  15. Hmmm. I had Pork and Tofu for brekky, then Pork Dumplings for Lunch/Dinner. Was there something wrong with that?
  16. i had bacon and eggs for breaky, a ham, salad and cheese sandwich for lunch, and some lasagne and vegies for dinner.

    i need some chocolate. STAT!
  17. Now that's something worth having a public holiday for. Maybe that's why I woke up this morning with a raging -oooops, wrong forum.
  18. Oh jesus christ for god sake man ..... ha ha ha ha
  19. So you had pork on good friday?
  20. I had a good porking on GOOD friday indeed!

    I personally call it GREAT friday, though :D