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The end

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by richmond rider, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. What an end, thought stoner might of held on but lorenzo showed why he is the champ.
    Simply the best this year.
    Rossi always funny with bye bye baby and the kissing.
    Can't wait for rossi at ducati, and stoner at honda
    Now F1 to finish my night off

  2. + 1. :WStupid:
  3. Awesome race, and bad luck Casey ! But a truly exceptional performance from Lorenzo, 'bumping himself' to 7th spot, only to bounce back and convincingly win, true champion style.
    From the MotoGP tipping forums herein (and the pages I scanned), it seems Enigma got the trifecta, so congrats to him !
    Bring on 2011 !!!! Some awesome changes up ahead !
    Watching the F1 as I type, but damn...why am I still awake ?!
  4. Hats off to Horthe - champion showing why he's the champion. Hat's off to Casey for giving it everything but not binning it. Bl00dy good job from Ben Spies too. Nickie - looked to me like they found what Casey's been chasing all weekend - a near perfect setup. But then it let go on him, without warning. Hmmm.

    Danny - awesome start! How good was his first lap? Started to hurt after a while though.

    I really wish they'd telecast Tuesday's testing. That's going to be so, so, fascinating.
  5. Yeah, thank Christ that's over with for another season.
    I've never spent so much time sleeping during motorcycle races.

    Bring on World Superbikes!!!
  6. and a sensational effort for Lorenzo to stay on the bike after it tried to buck him off after the Simoncelli incident.