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The end of the 12

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The_brick, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Ok for those who know me, I say hello and yes I'm still alive
    For those who dont here is the story
    On a my daily comute home from work, the normal peak hour traffic in melb at 5:30 on a friday, I decide to get off the monash car park and head for quiter grounds
    Came of the car park and turned in malvern rd glen iris
    found it to be back up just as much
    I wasn't in a hurry so for once in a long time i was taking it easy just going with the flow of the traffic
    Road devides into too 2 lanes through a set of traffic light so I cut to the left (no cars there) and proceed through the intersection. Ok now i dont know what really happened, I am always very cautious at these times
    anyway look at the traffic flow no slowing proceeded throught the intersection (I think my last words were ohhhhh F**k) 2 meters of brakes then decided to jump for it.
    Car turn across the road left me no were to go but into there passenger door
    I went up bike went crash I fell down(then I know i bounced)
    Now the fun part,I was traveling at 40 - 45 kmh
    Bike is a write off
    collar bone is broken in 3 ish places(x-ray isnt really that clear)
    Off work for 2 weeks (and this is the time I need the money)
    Good news (well sort of) person invole in the crash really helpful, still had the shit i didnt even see you coment
    there insurance company very helpful
    and I should have a new zx10 in my shed next week, even if i cant ride it yet
    ok now the before and after shots

    well if you look it the garage you will see beter pic of before
    I'm still lookin at 2 weeks before i can ride, have to get more x-rays next week then maybe go under the knife if bone is not healing
    But away I still walkin and still riding (bloody cagers :p )
  2. Tough luck there mate, collarbones are no fun.

    However, WOO, new bike!
  3. Broken collar bone = new ZX-10...

    Where do I sign up????


    But seriously thou, good to hear your relatively unscathed.
  4. Hope ur ok mate.

    So what are we breaking next year? Just playin.
  5. yeah tough luck mate.zx10=yay!
    why is it that cagers always say 'i didnt see you' when what they should be saying is, 'i couldnt be bothered to fcuking look'!?!?
  6. :shock: Russell, glad your relatively OK, pitty about the 12,
    however, the 12 was too high in the seat for me anyway :wink:
  7. Fark mate. [​IMG] Glad your still here with us!

    Commiserations on the spill. Congrats on the new bike. [​IMG]

    RIP ZX12 [​IMG]

    Heal up quickly mate.
  8. Now I have seen it all. An Execution Emoticon. What would Ronald Ryan think of that? Henry Bolte would love it.
  9. Agggh, fark mate! Heal soon.
  10. Hey Russel, not good at all.

    Hope you heal up quickly so you can enjoy the new wheels.
  11. ouch....sorry to hear about your off, good news on the new bike front though , best wishes for a speedy recovery :)
  12. Damn that sucks mate :cry:
    Hope you recover quickly and find yourself back on two ( new ) wheels!
  13. Sucks to hear about it... didn't want to keep the other as a trackie?
  14. Dammm Russ, are you sure you haven't pissed off a gypsy at some stage and they put a curse on that bike.

    Glad your ok..... Better luck with the new toy mate.
  15. Bugger about the collar bone mate but congrats on getting a new 10 :grin: . Any crash you walk away from is a good one, could have been alot worse get well soon dude :)
  16. Well the 10's still not here
    I know i said the insurance company was quite good(AAMi)
    but that was before they lost my paper work
    before the assessor forgot to put my gear into the quote
    and the list go's on
    at this rate i will have a new 09 zx10 int the shed
    look like i will be back on the gpx250 for a while
  17. Bad luck about the prang. Hope you heal up well and go the ZX-10! They're a sweet looking bike :cool:
  18. Watch it, showing your age.....
    (I was thinking more that the Bali Govt would approve...)
  19. Ack... I was sure I'd posted on this one. Must have been one of those times the connection died :cry:

    Brick - sorry to hear of your incident. Hoping your recovery isn't too long or painful; and hope the insurance comes through SOON!
  20. hope you get better soon mate

    AAMI are pretty good, i have had car claims with them and they sorted things out smoothly, lets hope they dont lose more paperwork!