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The End of Roller-Sumo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Yes, the rumours are true. The infamous Rollerskate is on the market (yes Glen, I prised it out after the last ride), and I've begun shopping for a replacement ride.

    Begun, and finished.

    Assuming everything goes to plan, once I get back from a brief holiday interstate in November, I can finalise the deal and become the proud owner of a very swish XV1600. OK, so I can't ride it until Dec. 10, but thats a minor hiccup.

    Thanks to everyone who's helped me along the journey so far - you know who you are - I look forwards to many, MANY miles in the (wider) saddle.

    And a little recommendation for Top Gear Motorcycles in Seaford. I made the effort to drive down there from Werribee (2hrs...) - was worth the trip.

    Now, can I tempt anyone with a slightly squashed Virago? :p
  2. Congrats Voyager, that's quite a step up!
  3. Hmm I'm keen... how squished is it??
  4. Great bike for you Steve and I recon you got a greate deal on it. Many weekends now in the garage polishing it and maybe just occassionaly taking it for a spin when the weather permits. Give us a warning when its about to make its Werribee coffee night debut!!
  5. Rocket 3! Rocket 3! Rocket 3!

    C'mon bro you know you want it...
  6. "squished" as in I've ridden it... :) its undamaged, currently at Chairmans place, who's been having fun making it run even better. I personally have never dropped it.

    I'll polish it up, but I'm more interested in riding than playing with chrome cleaner - its a Yamaha mate, not a Harley!

    If all goes to plan, it will make its Westies Coffee debut on Monday December 12th. You'll be able to tell easily - its nearly as loud as the infamous Rattletrap - those 2-in-1 pipes sure have a roar to them.
  7. Loz - if you can give me the $$$ difference then sure, I'll upgrade to the Rocket 3. Got a spare $14k ?
  8. Oh c'mon, the bank has heaps of $14k's.

    You wouldn't worry about $14k worth of house, would you? And which is more fun, sitting in a house or riding a bike?
  9. You forget I'm already lending $ from the bank to get this one!! I couldn't meet the repayments for the $27k Rocket. But damn, if I could, I would.

    Besides, this one has all the extras (and I mean ALL of them) already, whilst the Rocket would have been stock. Not that it would have swayed me away from the Rocket if I could have afforded it.

    Oh yeah, and I don't own a house either.
  10. I know, I'm just being facetious. That big brother V-Star is gonna be a hoot, it'll suit you to a t and it sounds like you're getting a great deal. Remind me to bring earplugs next time we ride!

    Oh, and you wouldn't *think* of taking it out before December now, would you?

    Heh heh
  11. I know - I would have been disappointed if you hadn't had a go... :p

    Actually, in all seriousness, I won't take it out before time. Not that its going to be a MAJOR temptation to do so, but I will resist that one. I know my luck - and believe me, I don't want to test it.
  12. It's ok mate, I'm sure there'll be no shortage of volunteers to help ya blow the cobwebs out of those exhaust pipes...

    Why, I can think of one right now!
  13. I'm sure you can... and I've certainly had a few offers! It will probably make it to my place about 4 weeks before I can ride it (having it delivered). Gives me 4 weeks to polish it up so its shining bright for its debut ride (Saturday 10th December, strangely enough).

    Guess I'll have to go to friday coffee that week too...
  14. Nice work Steve. Your gonna love it.

    I will get down to coffee and give it a 'gentle' tire kick when you get it. The wait will feel like TIME IS STANDING STILL!

    Enjoy. :D
  15. yeah, I know... I've tried to buffer it somewhat, but I reckon it will be getting a lot of idling time on the driveway between it arriving and actually being able to ride it.

    I'm gonna be like that ad with the guy in leathers and helmet at the supermarket...
  16. [quote="voyager]yeah, I know... I've tried to buffer it somewhat, but I reckon it will be getting a lot of idling time on the driveway between it arriving and actually being able to ride it.

    I'm gonna be like that ad with the guy in leathers and helmet at the supermarket...[/quote]

    I will be like..

    I think I will just head down to the servo to put fuel in it.

    3 hours later you are fueling up in Lorne wondering were the time went. :wink:

    Congrates Dude.
  17. Thanks... only 57 days, 9 hours, 23 minutes left at time of post.
  18. Hey, nice pickup dude. And a good stepping stone on the way to the Rocket III ! Those 57 days will fly, trust me. :shock:

    P.S. Welcome to the speed limit, you'll enjoy it!!!

  19. Just an update for those who care...

    The big Roadie showed up a week ago without any warning, creating a state of wide-spread panic, both from me, who now had to build a shed to house it in record time, and from the neighbours, who thought there was a terrorist with a gatling gun on my driveway when I started it and revved it up. (damn, that was fun - must do it again at 4am to annoy them futher).

    I've snapped a few photos of the great beast and uploaded them - you can check out a REAL bike by clicking on the following link:

    Voyager's Road Star

    A big thank-you again to all those people who had a hand in helping me get this far. I've begun planning the next great Western ride, so stay tuned.

    Roller-Sumo may be gone now, but I'd like to think that the lighter side of motorcycling will never quite leave (although you can have the bloody sumo tag back for someone else, thanks Glen!).
  20. MAAAAATE, if ya gunna have a cruiser, it might as well look good, that's a great-looking bike, voyager, enjoy :LOL: