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The end of my pride and joy...i think

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by entheos, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys...

    Was silly enough to lend a mate my bike tonight who rides a much smaller cruiser style bike thinking he'd be all good with it. Unfortunately we got that dreaded call from him about 20 minutes later telling us he'd lost it round a bend and may have broken something...Went down the road to find him in the ditch on the side of the road with the bike on it's side missing a whole lot of front end... Turns out he's broken a couple of ribs and maybe his collar bone and that's it....which is great that he's ok. Really glad he's ok...Bikes are replacable, people are not...

    Bike however I believe is going to go to a better place after it get's stripped I guess...I'll post pics and you can make your mind up, but there's fairly extensive steering damage and fender damage....basically there's not much left of the front end...Unfortunately I had just had it serviced 2 days ago and it was running like an absolute champ...fortunately I did cause even after the off it still starts up first go and revs ok...a little like just before the service, but hopefully still in good nick. :)

    Anyways here's the pics...

    Peace out folks....I'll keep you updated. :)

    Oh and before anyone asks all the questions that I think you're going to ask...

    Yes, he's still my mate.

    No it wasn't insured

    Yes he's good for the money

    Yes, I've learnt my lesson.

    No, I don't hate him forever now...people make mistakes and that's life...the single most important thing is that he's ok and was ok enough to make the call back to us. :)







  2. :shock: ouch!
    live and learn ;) life goes on thats the main thing......
  3. Dammit man that sux. Which reminds me, there's another thread floating around here somewhere, where the penalty for pranging a bike is free blowjobs for life. :eek:
    Seriously though, if the frame's tip top, there is no reason you can't rebuild her.
    Patience, research and eBay Motors America should help you turn up whatever you need.
    Once you've found your forks (and you might find there is crossover between different models) and a nose cone, the rest can be patched up until better stuff comes along.
    If you were in Melb I could be of more help.

    Why does a cruiser rider have his feet forward when he rides a bike?
    So he can use them as brakes when he shits himself. :roll: :grin:

    Wait a couple of days for the shock to wear off before assessing your options. good luck mate.
  4. i've been of the firm belief that you dont lend your tools, your wife or your bike to ya mates.

    i'd say lesson learned, the hard way.

    hope ya mates recovers well, collar bones are a sh1t to heal properly. opt for the surgery if you can and get it plated/screwed up.
  5. Glad to hear your mate is in one piece, I'm with Chef .... let a few days pass and re-assess the situation. The bike may indeed be worthy of repairing, and you can do this while your buddy repairs himself ;)
  6. Yep, that's gotta suck big time!
    Well done on your attitude .. yes bikes are replaceable.
    Lesson learnt I guess.
    :shock: :shock:
  7. Farkkkkk... I might change my mind bout lending my bike to mates now..

    There seems to be alot of spills this spring good damn, evry second post is a stack/accident.

    Glad your mate is okay in a sense, definitely not his Ego.
  8. I hope your mate heals up well. Things happen, good on you for being mature about it.
  9. +1 with what everyone has said.

    btw. I think you should streetfighter it :twisted: lol
  10. OUCH mate thats gotta hurt, hopefully the damage doesn't seem quite so bad in a few days, good luck to you and your mate.
  11. Ouch.......as i said before glad ur mates ok(do i know him??)

    But yeah doesnt look as bad as wat i thought.........still massively sucks wang though(nothing to do with the bj comments before :p )

    But yeah keep me posted on wat happens!

    And i would say u could borrow my bike for the time being............but all this talk of stacking is making me not so sure :p
  12. Streetfighter!!!!
  13. It wasn't my accident..... lol... It'll go to Mechanics tomorrow and I'll find out.
  14. nah joel, two words, track bike :twisted:

    it's a pity about the bike, but good that your mate could walk away
  15. I hope he has already given you the keys to his bike.
    Not that it will be the same but still it's transport if you rely on your bike to commute.
  16. It wasn't me who said it, but someone did; I'd lend you my wife before I'd lend you bike. My brother is the only person I'd trust to ride my bike, and he has never ridden it, nor asked, since the day I got it. and vice-versa, too.

    Good that you mate is a decent bloke and will see you are not out of pocket, too, obviously he IS a mate :).
  17. Did your mate know the bike wasn't insured?

    Did he ask?

    Did you tell him?

    Just curious...
  18. I am for fixing it too. Then you ride it like its meant to be ridden.

    Good friend is more important than a bike.
  19. Yes



  20. So Haven't got the final figure, but the Boys at Mick Dyers have assessed it and are still waiting on the extensive parts list to come back. To get it back to the way is was is well and truely going to exceed the money I paid for it. There's little that wasn't quoted on...other than the engine and the frame and rear arm and brake systems (-master cylinder on the front) most asthetics are pretty much being replaced. Mate had surgery on his shoulder last night and is out for 6 weeks. Now that I understand what 'streetfighter' means...lol...interesting concept...I may think about it... we'll see. Otherwise I'm going to be on the lookout for a nice GSX-R750 I think. :)