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N/A | National The end of fun on the road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. http://m.smh.com.au/drive/motor-news/big-brother-insurance-on-the-way-20130918-2tywc.html
    Well it's been a fun time. It begins with a opt in system. Insurance prices for non boxed vehicles go up. More people join up to the sceme. Soon enough it becomes compulsory.

  2. What a disaster.
  3. At least it's not mandatory (yet) and I really hope it never is, but I wonder how much insurance will go up if you choose not to have the black box fitted.

    Another question is - how would they determine if you were at a track?
  4. GPS tracking, plus you aren't covered by standard insurance if you track your car/ride.
  5. Until it becomes compulsory, I'd be happy to pay the extra premium not to have one thanks
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  6. I'm aware, but since it records braking/g-force/speed I was just wondering if they had a filter that could differentiate between track and and public roads.
  7. The insurance company tracks your every move. They judge your insurance based on where you go. GTFO. What a disaster.
  8. Neither were seat belts and helmets.

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  9. @smileedude I think there is a big different between a simple safety device and a black box to monitor your every move and dictate what class of insurance you are placed in. And I really hope that the black box system will have a very small backing to avoid it being mandatory.


    When there is a profit to be made or costs to be cut, there will always be loopholes. Sad future ahead of us.
  10. Sounds like they are targeting the pensioner market
  11. From wikipedia:
    Problem is we know it will work to reduce the road toll. Yes it's early steps now. But give it 15 years.
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  12. EEEEK, I want mt R1 back......NOW !!!!!
  13. Korben tries to control his car, reeling from the impact.

    VOICE (O.S.)
    You have just had an accident.
    Seven points have been temporarily

    Korben manages to stop his cab, pulls over to the side.

    You have one point left on your license.
    Have a good day.

    Korben sighs and looks in the back seat to see what the damages are. The
    girl, a bit dazed (who wouldn't be), emerges from the debris and sits up.
    There's some blood on her face. Korben is stunned. The girl's still alive
    and... so beautiful. His heart heads for a meltdown.

    Akina delutan, nou-shan.

    ...'Scuse me?

    A police car with wailing sirens halts in front of Korben.

    (over a loudspeaker)
    You have an unauthorized passenger in your
    vehicle. We are going to arrest her.
    Please leave your hands on the wheel.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Sorry, Hon, but I only got one point left
    on my license and I gotta get to the garage!

    The police car presses up against the cab. Doors slide open. Huge guns
    point at her. Korben feels lousy. The girl's helpless, there are tears in
    her eyes, she looks exhausted.
    Korben glances at her in the rear view mirror. She's looking all around
    to find something to help her communicate with him.

    Her POV: an ad on the back of the seat. An 800 number to help an
    orphanage. A teary photo of a kid over the words Please Help. She shoots
    to Korben a look of pure distress.

    Please... HELP...

    Korben can't resist her plea.

    Don't put me in this position...
    I can't... I'm late as it is...

    But he cannot say no to her eyes.

    Finger's gonna kill me.

    Korben shuts oft the meter and floors it, sideswiping the police car as
    he roars away.

    VOICE (O.S.)
    Your license has been revoked.
    Would you please....
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  14. Ooh the fifth element, good movie
  15. stupid, stupid, stupid. As long as insurance is not compulsory, they are going to price out the very people who should be encouraged to have the cover. Even if insurance becomes compulsory, when the premium becomes too high people won't insure. In England the fine for not being insured is often less than the insurance premium.
  16. What a sad sad state of affairs.

    The only way to have fun will be on the track.

    At least we'll still be able to split & filter to get where we need to a little quicker, all within the speed limit of course.

    This is truly an outrage.

    Soon the gov't will make everyone wear GoPro's 24/7, so they wouldn't even have to police the streets. How convenient would that be for them? Something happens, just refer to the person's GoPro.

    How would that be any different to these black boxes on vehicles?

    Our right to privacy is dead and we have no choice but to bend over and take it.

  17. Smart insurance companies without this system will offer cheaper premiums as they know when there are no accidents there is no need for insurance and no business for them.
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  18. I'll take mine off and put it on nannas car
  19. When they try and fit one up my anus I will truly rebel. Until then I will just keep paying the higher premium.
  20. Until they connect the advertising shown on your tv to your driving habits and you can no longer stand ads for 2GB radio, pokie machines and sherry.

    Edit:WTF happened to that quote. I'm trying to quote basejumper on tapatalk keeps but that keeps coming up.