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The end of Formula 1...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, May 23, 2007.

  1. Or at least Formula 1 as we know it. Yeah I know it's not bike related motorsport but I'm sure there's a few people who follow F1 here and you never know how changes might filter across to other motorsport. And the latest proposed change to the series is certainly pretty drastic. In order to make the sport more "environmentally friendly" there's a proposed plan to downsize engines to 2.2 litres and go from N/A V8s to turbocharged V6s running entirely on biofuel. Engine RPM limits are also to be slashed from 19,000 to 10,000 rpm to reduce noise - with a resultant power loss of around 100bhp. Engines are also to last for 5 races and cars will be fitted with traction control and all wheel drive :shock:. All this is planned to kick in by 2011 - in addition to the need for the teams having to develop regenerative braking by 2009.

    More here:

  2. Here is a sneak preview....

  3. JD, it's happened before and it'll happen again F1 IS about change and 'latest' inovation.

    grooved slicks. ground efects, turbo, non turbo, down force regulation changes, fuel alowances, compulsory pit stops, pneumatic valve lift, tyre regulations, theyeve all come and gone and come again.
    rules changes are the 'norm' in F1
  4. Yeah but there's nothing innovative about most of these proposed changes. Turbos, AWD, traction control etc. have all been tried before - and how are teams supposed to improve/develop biodiesel technology with strict limits on engine configuration, rpm and reliability.

    What they should be focusing on is how to actually make the races interesting again.
  5. ^^ +1

    Changes in F1 are a regular part of operating procedure.

    They do this for 2 reasons:

    1. It shakes things up, levels the playing field (or doesn't) and keeps things interesting for everyone. Sometimes this is politically based.

    2. It encourages innovation. As the world in general starts to 'think green', you can bet that F1 will be involved. Part of this is manufacturers playing with new technologies. Expensive R&D.

    I doubt very much the 'end' of F1 is coming. If we all start flying to work in our jetson-style cars, you can bet your arse F1 will have uber-fast flying machines racing around somewhere.
  6. Wow, what a brilliantly written article. I bet the author is extremely handsome too. :p
  7. I can still hear the doomsaying about the capacity drop in Moto GP, but so far, this season has been more interesting than any since the 500 2-strokes in my opinion.
  8. there not, just a 'biofuel' based NO mention of diesel.

    So there 2.2 V6 turbos running at 10,000rpm on bio fuel?? big deal. i think theres plenty of scope there for 'inovation'

    and YES even though it's not mentioned, leave the fuel spec to JUST 'biofuel' ei, diesel, ethanol, methanol, heck i dont care if they run them on bottled cow farts

    in the words of Gunnery Sergeant Thomas "Gunny" Highway "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome."
  9. Don't care about the capacity drop, turbo, biofuel (does that definitely mean diesel?), rev ceiling (might actually make them nicer to listen to).
    Might be willing to trade traction control and all wheel drive for aero effects, too.
    I can understand the need to upgrade and get with the program emissions-wise and I have no problem with F1 being used as a testbed for solutions. As a dissatisfied viewer however, what I want is an end to the processional follow-the-leader nonsense where the only actual action is in the pitstops. Right now, that's the result of aero development, and to some small extent traction control. I want to see brave overtaking and outstanding skill in action. I'm only slightly interested in crafty strategy and technical progress. But I don't want artificial parity rules, either.
    Time will tell.
  10. Whoops yeah I meant biofuel not biodiesel - too used to talking about biodiesel every day.
  11. You wish loz :LOL:
  12. No. 'biofuel' is defined as Gas or liquid fuel made from plant material (biomass). but these days seems to have had the proviso added of RENEWABLE inserted by the greenies, technicaly oil, coal etc are also biofuels.

    so these days biofuels are basicaly considered fuels made from either renewable or waste organic material.
  13. That's easy. Reduce aero BUT give them proper slicks and big wide tracks. More mechanical grip = more grip to overtake. Though having push-to-pass implemented would also make more overtaking.

    Oh, and the technical proposal was also given to Volkswagen and Ford, though only to the F1 (engine) manufacturers, not to all the teams.
  14. Give them less effective brakes. You get longer braking zones and more scope for overtaking into corners.

    And less mechanical grip, please. More entertaining and a better test of driving ability.
  15. I think if its going to mean more exciting racing due to a more even playing field then I welcome it. The noise restrictions are a real problem and if Melbourne is going to be able to run a night F1 race engines need to be quieter.
  16. If it was just mechanical grip without aero aids, I don't think we would be complaining. It's the relaince on downforce (and therefore "clean" air) that is the problem at present. Plus a "don't risk the points" attitude in the paddock.
  17. The only thing that will save F1 is for the Driver's Championship to BE a Driver's Championship.

    NO aero, fat tyres, manual gearboxes and lots of overtaking, instead of passing the pits, which is all that has been happening for 15 or more years. You might be surprised with who CAN drive, and who is just a passenger in a computerised slot-car.....
  18. Bring back Formula 5000!
    That'll sort out the men from the Nintendo boys..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Yes, but will any of them be left alive at the end of the first season???
  20. Maybe, maybe not, but I will volunteer to drive one! :twisted:

    Maybe some of the stupid overtaking manoeuvres/blocking of points for that race will stop, once teh drivers realise that they could actually hurt someone.........
    Seriously, no one complained when F1 had front and rear track reduced, plenum pressure reduced for engine intakes, downforce reduced, grip reduced with grooved tyres etc.
    It's just another example of changing the rules to suit certain manufacturers (or, to disadvantage some).

    Regards, Andrew.