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the end of an era

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SOBIL, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. #1 SOBIL, Apr 3, 2010
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    It's been a long time since my last post, and how things change. Seems the site went and got itself in a big damn hurry. Still good to see a lot of familiar names in the post though.

    Well my post today is to share some sad news with you all. Perhaps it maybe be good news to some of you :p.

    I am finally getting rid of my bike.

    For those that don't know the history of it, it goes like this:

    I bought the bike in 2005, a couple of weeks before my birthday. It was a very well maintained FZR250. I was really happy with it. It looked nice, it went fast and it was like so cool.

    Not 24 hours into owning the bike I crashed it. Just a little bit of a rash down the left side, most of it buffed out.

    After 2 weeks i was an "expert", I knew all there was to know about riding a bike, so i decided to head up the spur and show em how its done. I spent my 21st in hospital, and so it started. I just kept glueing and taping and tying and welding and bolting it back together.

    *dropped it on the way home from watching faster at debs place. This lost all of my fairing.
    *slid the bike under a honda civic that cut me off. Crushed the frame broke the subframe, took out all the engine covers
    *built a streetfighter out of it.
    *threw it down the middle of Elizabeth st, right out the front of work on some wet tram lines
    *escaped a head on with 2 4wd, clipped the side of one and went flying off the side of kinglake standrews road.
    *showing off in maccas car park with wheelies and stoppies ended in disaster,
    *a pedestrian stepped out infront of a parked car and down she went again.
    *I had some issues starting it one day and ended up doing a walking pace highside.
    *pushed it into some loose gravel and sent it sliding down a road out eildon way.

    Through all off this it has had a few guises, most of which drew attention for all the wrong reasons. recntly it had some engine trouble and the $50 motor i picked up for it wasn't much chop so it brings me to FINALLY saying goodbye.

    for sale

    a few reminders for those who cant remember the life of this poor bike:

    [URL="]A clip of it heading up the hills[/URL]

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  2. A sad day indeed. You passed me on Ballarat Road, maybe 18 months ago. The bike was still held together with cable ties - just the way I remember it.

    Have you considered donating it back to Yamaha? They must have a museum for indestructible models.
  3. exactly, or maybe to the Cable-Tie museum

    more to the point, though, what are you buying to take its place?
  4. Man... i'm really considering this. I'm all for putting work into my own bike, but how likely is it to at least *run reliably?*

    Basically, how would the frame and engine hold up to RWC? (Obviously, it needs work)

    edit: I see you mentioned the engine trouble.. Still, I do wonder... I'll see how it goes along the week :D
  5. The most important question of all :D
  6. Thanks for the heads up Sobil.

    Also for sale are my shares in 100 mile n hour tape and my cable tie shares.

    Thanks you made me a fortune =D>


    Best of luck with what ever you decide to do now

  7. A car
  8. Man, I remember that thing, too. Must be the world's most crashed Fizzer. :):)