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The end is near...finally!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAZMAN, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. I was finally told this week that the pins and screws etc in my back will finally be coming out in feb/mar next year so I can get back on a bike woo hoo I am the happiest I have been for a year :LOL: or since the 9th of november last year :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    My left wrist is going to be fused as it just didnt wanna get better :wink: but thats ok as I dont need it and it may even make riding easier :roll: well I can keep dreaming :LOL: but all in all it is getting better and getting me closer to the road :wink: and I cant wait to get back to riding and am looking forward to doing netrider rides which where always fun :LOL: and hopefully the tazman returns ride will be coming soon :LOL: but not soon enough :wink: :LOL:

    Catch you all or most of you soon :wink: :p :grin:

  2. That's absolutely fantastic news Mick, I look forward to catching up on the road with you in the new year :grin:
  3. Good to hear Tazman, Just keep looking after yourself and then enjoy the ride.

  4. Good to hear Mick, it must have been a long hard road to recovery, a few more months and it'll all be sweet again.
  5. Mick, that is a great Christmas present for all Netriders, and just awesome progress for you :).
  6. Fark, I thought this was a 'coming off restrictions' thread!

    ... I guess it is in a way :eek:

    Top stuff, good luck and maximum healing ASAP!
  7. Awesome news Mick :woot:

    I should be back on 2 wheels real soon so will look out for ya on the road early '08 :cool:
  8. oh yay! how excitement! fingers crossed for you that all goes smoothly and swiftly. :grin:
  9. That's top news Mick! :dance: Looking forward to seeing you back on some rides. :grin:
  10. Good to hear.

    All the best with the recovery
  11. Tazman

    After such a serious injury, what is it that makes you want to ride still, what makes you want to get back in the saddle?
  12. Thats brilliant news Tazman. Would be an honour for any rider to ride with you on that ride.
    :beer: Cheers to the ride , the riders and the roads.
  13. That's awesome news man :grin:
  14. That means you'll won't be able to bend it? :?

    & why you have to wait until pins & screws in your back come out?
    Is it because you're not allowed to ride until then, or do the screws
    stop you from riding? :?

    Good news to hear anyway after that serious accident you had. [​IMG]

    I still remember the vid Cathar posted of you thru Chum Creek Rd.
    That'd be about 12mths ago to the day now.
  15. Disregard my Q's Taz :grin:

  16. Fantastic news Mick. :dance: :dance:
  17. great news mick. i don't think we ever met but i remember reading all about your accident and injuries. under the circumstances i think just over a year to recover to the point that you can ride again is verging on miraculous. way to go buddy. welcome back :wink:
  18. Good on ya Mick thats awesome news!!!

    Hope to see you out on a bike sooner rather than later! :grin:
  19. thats really great news mick, i remember early on you talking to jay about possible replacement bikes when you where still in rehab....must seem like ages since then, anyway thats great news and glad to hear everything is now starting to improve for you

    Cheers stewy
  20. Mate it is just a passion that wont go away :wink: and dont worry all the docs reckon that I am stupid but I dont care :wink: :LOL:

    MG mate as far as the pins in the back go they dont even like it when I am in the car so I havnt had the guts to try em on a bike yet :wink:

    Thanks for all the replies people and I am hanging out for a ride :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: