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N/A | National The Effect Of Proposed Victorian Safety Laws On Other States

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kovalainen, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. So I'm actually looking for an answer to the above. I'm considering buying a bike at the moment and there's no way in hell I'm buying all new gear a month after I've bought it all. So how long do you guys think it'll take?

    I know QLD is changing their licensing laws at the moment so I worry they're going to try to slip this in as well.

    Also, if the laws pass when are they actually going to actually come into effect in Victoria anyway?
  2. Safety laws? I obviously haven't been paying attention
  3. My take .. There are no laws as such . We have a number of body's who have put forward submissions to the parliamentary inquiry into motocycle safety .the inquiry will release its RECOMMENDATIONS in December this year it's then up to the government in regards to implementation or not .

    so the short answer is don't know but you will get opinions . Welcome to Netrider
  4. What a sadly ill-conceived and poorly constructed first message :(

    How''s this, buy your gear AND GET OUT HERE AND RIDE instead of scare-raiding on a motorcycle forum.
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  5. Well said Hornet.

  6. If you're going to let THAT stop you, then you won't last long. Riding requires commitment beyond the desire to look cool. Or save money.
  7. Bikes dont save me money, it cost me more money now.............
  8. Boy am I going to like it here. Ask an honest question about parliamentary procedure in the politics section - get called out for it being poorly worded.

    How should I have constructed the question Hornet? Or is it simply because I didn't introduce myself on such a nice forum?

    Edit: And for the record, a poor university student having to double his gear expenditure which is already more than the cost of his proposed bike, isn't a bad reason not to want the laws to come into effect in my mind.
  9. How about instead of asking questions that arent valid right now, you take a look around the politics section and find the answer you need.
  10. Alright then, let's break it down.
    At present the proposal for high viz gear is being made primarily by Victoria Police. It's reasonable to assume that TAC will back them, and some (slight?) possibility that Vicroads will. It is NOT at this stage being worked up as a legislative change (as far as we know).
    Even if Vicroads backs the proposal and the minister adopts it, it could take a year or years before becoming law. There may also be a grace period for affected parties to change over.
    Next, look at Victoria Police and how THEY use High Vis. This is in the form of a reflective, brightly coloured vest worn over their ordinary service equipment. It's unlikely that they could argue for a higher standard for ordinary road users than they design for themselves, so any gear you already own would probably NOT be redundant.
    The other proposals - that all gear must pass a new Australian standard - would take MUCH longer to introduce, and even then it would be a huge ask to require every rider in the country to upgrade. so it would most likely only apply at the point of sale and IMO not be retrospective.

    So if you're buying gear now, I feel confident that it is not wasted money. But as I said before, if that puts you off, there are much greater challenges involved in becoming a rider than these.
    (Like getting flamed on internet forums;) )
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  11. dont worry op. people on here just get all mad when you dont post a welcome thread for some reason, i have no idea why, welcome threads are fcuking pointless why does it matter if op makes a thread and says hi im bob from brisbane and i have a bike. what difference it makes, i dont know.

    Anyway, there are no laws as such, just buy your gear and forget about them, your looking at least a year or more before the potential for new laws to come into vic, and then if vic does them you probably would be adding a few more years before your state follows through, as it takes a few years to see trends in safety and if the proposed laws are worth adopting up north.

    As for comments saying DERP READ THE OTHER THREADS, half of this entire subforum is about hi vis and all the other dickwad suggestions being proposed by various parties. Do you really think op is going to read literally hundreds of pages of threads to get his answer? especially considering most of those threads are just full of victorian wankers getting antsy about the power struggle for representing riders down there, not about the proposals and their affects on queensland transports motorcycle safety strategies, i highly doubt op could answer his question by reading other threads.
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  12. Thank you Titus and Unconnected! What you said is very helpful (and seems to make sense!) so I think I'll proceed with getting a bike! Thanks again.
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  13. Serious question: Don't you have common sense? :confused:

  14. Not aimed at anyone in particular, but the problem with common sense is that it is very common.
  15. Seems like a troll to me.
    OP go over to the welcome forums and make yourself known to everyone.
    Search for answers next time to avoid the grief you have received.
    Besides you are posting from a queensland IP
  16. the OP gave indication he was from QLD,
    and his concerns were about the laws going National.
  17. Topic says proposed safety laws in victoria....... did we miss something in victoria??????
  18. I was not so concerned about location, just the 'I won't get out of bed because something might happen to me' mentality it showed....
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  19. You fukked it by not being clear enough what your actual question is. It took me 10 posts to get another member to actually explain what's going on.

    Don't they teach you at the poor university how to express your thoughts in writing? :p
  20. Do you ever have anything constructive to add to a thread? You haven't been here long and all you seem to do is talk shit and bait others.