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The Eden Trip . . in pics and vid (soon).

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Here are some stories from the Eden Vic-NSW-ACT ride !
    You guys are awesome !

    Inside the cool GreatSouthern Hotel !
    I have to admit, my expectations were surpassed !


    The clear blue skies that spoilt us on Sunday !
    This is down at the fishing wharves.


    The group who headed off to Delegate !
    Again clear blue skies !! . . . crisp country air ! . . .

  2. The group pic . . .
    Sorry for those who left early or headed down the road to fill up !
    The total count for the ride was 38.
    It was suppose to be 55, but a dozen NSW and a handful on ACT people pulled out.


    The group favourite - Bundy !
    Look at my reflection in her glasses ! :grin:


    We weren't totally roughing it !
    $30 for two nights per person allowed us to indulge in country big-breakfasts . . . . just ask Karl ! :LOL: I've never seen anyone order 4 items from the breakfast menu and have them bought out in order ! :eek:

  3. Micky - I love that photo of Bundy!

    There's a certain vid you took that you're not allowed to post! You know the one! :oops: :LOL:

    Same goes for a certain vid that Loz took on Saturday night (re: The Hand) :wink: - I thought you were taking photos! Didn't realise it was video! Do not post and do not show 'him' the footage....please... :oops: :LOL:
  4. . . . . . and on Sunday night . . . we had the pub TVs on the MotoGP !
    woohoo Ducati and that aussie rider !

    No, thats not Woodsy picking up jailbait . . . its Woodsy Jr !
    this was during the 250s . . . everyone were buggered and just finished a big meal !

    The roads around the area were awesome !
    Here is that corner where I waited for everyone to knee scrape !
    Only that everyone thought I got lost !! . . (like why !!! :LOL:)
    I missed everyone go pass because I waited too long and decided to pack up my gear 2-3minutes before the group came storming pass !! :evil:

  5. the crazy pics ! LOL
    I was not too snap happy this time with the camera, Loz, Nee and others have some better footage !

    im.on.it (Nee) . . . damn Trance shit at the other pub ! :LOL:

    Don't even ask what a 7man & 1chic Dozen Arse Salute is !!

    A photo with me in it ! :shock: . . . impossible !!!!
    Telling tall biker tales and spinning sh1t ! :LOL:
  6. lol at the fu;ll moon salute, well it got the cabbie excited
  7. . . . . . the roughest pub in the region and look who are drinking alcohol on the pavement ! :LOL: We did not stay here . . .


    Don't ask !
    geeez that was a rough pub !!

    AND DON'T ASK !! :grin:
    Sarz . . . holy crap ! Were teh stories the guys telling me true ??? :p
    Damn . . . i should have got my vid camera instead ! :LOL:
  8. The relocated Big Merino at Goulburn ! :LOL:


    Joel ! at Tilda.


    Meg Griffin ! :rofl:
    Woodsy is one cool dad taking his daughter to a NR outing ! LOL
    Did not even stress when Loz spilt Seany's beer over her !

  9. Hand?! :? Damn, I was hoping for boobs. :( :LOL:
    Don't listen to her Loz, she's got no dea what she's saying. :)

    This might help me figure out who unzipped my pants. :-k :LOL:
  10. Beers or no beers, you just have to take greater care after coming back from shaking hands with the President.

    I propose a portable breathalyser group buy for the next trip! Of course that will just turn into a pissing contest :).
  11. Whats wrong with that?
  12. The fly was already undone...haha...I think perhaps Haggismaen got it right..hahaha.
  13. Here's some more
    Apologies for the drunken shots and forgotten names :grin:
  14. nice pics Nee !

    Damn Aprilia shirt ! . . . more buying less advertising I think ! :LOL:
  15. More than likey. Ok, you're off the hook this time. :)

    Guess it's lucky I had plenty of layers. :) I was still wary of my decision to go to bed while Netriders were around. It was a dangerous and stupid move on my part but I was too knackered to keep going. :)

    You'll find my pics in my sig. :)
  16. Hey guys,

    What an awesome trip! Some good photos posted already, and I thought I'd add mine. You can find my photos here

    Rosie, don't be a wuss, we all want to see the vids that Micky and Loz took! C'mon, I'm sure you are getting ready to post some unflattering ones yourself...:rofl:

    Anyway I had a great time and wanted to thank everyone that made it all possible! Great job and a great bunch of people to go away with. And Sarz, you've given me a whole lot more laughs than I've had in ages!! :LOL: I'm looking forward to the opportunity to do it all again!
  17. hey guys bec here (woodsyjr)
    just wont to say thanks for a great weekend i had the time of my life. it is deffently somethin i will never forget not that i can rember much. lol. any ways wont to say im sorry for the way i acted i no some of you got effended so sorry. you guys are awsom i have never ment so many people vary in such a big age group to have so much fun like that its great. well if im aloud back on a nother trip i promise i will be on my my best behaviour. lol

    peace out guys untill next time
    thanks again just wat i needed
  18. Hi Bec, no offence taken even though you didn't offend Spin or I, as we weren't there to be offended. :wink: :wink: Had an absolute blast meeting all of you. Thinking about meeting up with you guys (for part ride) when you head up the coast in August. Thanks so much for the entertaining weekend. Can't wait to meet up with you all again soon. Keep the party going. Cheers :p