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The Eagle has Landed.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just thought i'd share with you the experiences of my first day with my bike. The Day started off looking a little shady, it was overcast and i thought it might rain, JUST FANTASTIC. Anyway we gathered all the gear, put it in the car and set off. The destination was 1hr and i can tell you now, i was like a 3yr old. I couldn't keep still the whole drive up, talking non-stop and nervous at the same time. Anyway we arrived on time and were greated by my shiny new companion as SHE glistened in the sun, which seemed to miraculously appear through the cloud.

    Michael came out of the house with a cheery grin on his face to great us and then the deal was done. We signed the papers, handed over the money and he even threw in 2 manuals (1 was a GPZ250 manual) and a free can of chain lube for me!!!

    Now came the nervous part and I wasn't even doing the riding (Dad was). So Dad kitted up and we began the 1hr journey home. I can safely say i now have no Nails left. I followed Dad the whole way home, stressing out every minute that something would go wrong or he'd bin it. Obviously due to the happy nature of this story this did not occur, and we touched down at home base in exactly 56 minutes, PHEWW!!!

    Now came the good part, MY TURN. I kitted up and headed off, with Mum pulling her hair out with worry and me nearly wetting myself with excitement, for a quick blast around the block to get the hang of the bike. My God what a RUSH. Well the bike was GREAT and my excitement level was through the roof so i set off on my first actual piece of road riding mayhem and adventure. This was actually a 30min ride along busy 100km/h freeway's and touch of quiet suburbia, all the way to my mates house for the commencing of a bucks party (which i'll talk about in another thread if people like but the quick run down was: Go-Karts, BBQ, Beers, Fast Cars, Burning Couches.....).

    As the night came to an end it was time to go for a cruise around town. I went out to warm up the bike while i put all my gear on....MY GOD she was dripping wet with condensation and Dew because it was so cold. Well she was alittle reluctant to start, however, alittle bit of choke which up and she began purring. After a 5 min warm up i set off for my second ever road riding adventure at 1:30am and it was freezing cold. Big props go out to my Motodry duo jacket and pants which kept me toasty warm. After a quick cruise around town showing off my beast i headed home.

    This brings to a close the tales of excitement that were my first day riding a bike on the road. All i can say is it doesn't matter if its Day or Night, Warm or Cold, Freeways or Suburban streets, EVERY minute i spend on the bike brings so so much enjoyement. I really feel alive when riding and i think it's one of the best decisions i have ever made in my life.

    Josh =0)
  2. Whhoooo, great stuff, Josh.
    Nothing like it, is there?
    Have to go for a ride during the week, eh?
    PM me and we'll organise a time. I'll try and get my son-in-law, with his ZZR to come along too!!
  3. Will Do Phil, I'm pretty Busy this week so we'll have to organise the ride for next week :) . Paul, Your son-in-law, you and myself can do a ride somewhere.
  4. You're ON!!!
  5. congrats. on the new bike nightrider, it's great to hear some good news on this site.

    btw zzr is a good choice too.

    cheers stewy