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The Dukes first real outing (Track Day)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bangr, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Well it is all over for me now , my life will be spent earning enough money to get the Duke new parts just to make me look like I know what I am doing. :cool:

    On wed a few of us went down for a day at the island ,(thank you vtr for the weather - I think the sacrfice was going a bit far but thank you) , we had a great day , both in weather and in fun.

    Let me start with the day before , I drive down the road , a proud man , in his van , looking in his mirror that as G would call it "Bike p0rn" , my new pride and joy sat up in the back of the van , just incase the track bike misbehaved . Behind my van I have the freshly painted and stickered up trailer , One person in Cranbourne asked me if I was a racer (dreams a little ) , the pakage looks the part , dam shame about the rider. :rofl:


    In the trailer another two bikes , 2749 cc (384 hp) in total , a big red tooll box , racing fuel , tyre warmers , race stands , new leathers (fcuking wanker) , we had every thing . well almost , were is the rider to go with all this shit .
    (I really need to trim the load)

    Great Dinner that night down at Cowes and a few drinks in the local. :beer:

    the Next morning at o my god oclock , we head down to the track . Once we are set up , (tyre warmers for the first time) and ready to go it is time for a coffee and briefing , two groups , fast and slow , about 15 bikes in each . :blah:

    The first outing was on the track bike , first person on the track for the day , I almost felt like I was the only one out there . As much fun as I was having I was cut short with a blck flag (oil leak onto the headers) and that was the end of the day for that girl :furious: , could not see the sense in getting flustered trying to fix it onsite when I had a race bred bike just sitting there.

    Tyre warms onto the Duke and I wait nervously for our second outing , :eek:hno:


    Out we go , I have only been on the bike 3 times , and for not much time as the knee has not allowed me to . I can honestly say I have not riden anything like it . I did my first lap as per normal and just got my self sorted , Then worked up from there . The bike does every thing you want it to and more (sure I saw it pass out a coffee 1/2 way around turn one) . I could push well beyond my capabilities and it just wanted more , more turn in speed , more exit speed , able to turn that power on much earlier.
    I could come out of MG and the front wheel is lifting , and normaly I would shut it off as my ass cheeks grab the seat , but I was happy to just let it float. and still it asked for more.



    I have not had so much fun in a long time and once the nervous settled about having her out there it was the best time on a bike in a long time . I was given some tips from other people that really helped , like the fact that on the track bike I was more cranked over were as on the duke i was much stiffer and not letting the bike do its thing , from this we went out , pushed it harder and got it I am sure over more than the track bike was , and felt more comfortable doing it. :bannanabutt: The 996 is just off its nut , once you get it going and really start to ride it I would be hard pressed to find some thing that would do it as well as this , even going over luckey with the bike moving around and squming , it felt nice , and if that was the zxr I would of again shut of and my ass cheeks would of grabbed that seat.

    All in all a great day , spent doing what I love with some great people and could not of asked for a better time with the bikes. near perfect.

    I am just working out in my head how much I can get for the track bike and how much Duke spares that gets me . :-k

    [size=2]Edited by Flipper - Max 3 pics per post
    Bren, you should know better :p[/size]
  2. Great shots Latte' Munkey. :cool:

    Thanks for your help and great company. :)

    I think you have taken the (Ducati) hook, line and sinker... :wink:
  3. Thanks G , It was a great day , looking foward to our next one.
  4. Lovely photos, lovely bike - Congratulations. Welcome to Ducati ownership and the big discovery that owning a Duke is an absolute pleasure but an expensive one. Not because of the myth of maintenance and service costs as people keep on trying to tell you, but because you keep wanting to buy them more and more and more bits. It is never ending - the Ducati Performance book has so many lovely things in it and they are all expensive!! Its strange how a Duke can make you feel good about parting with cash though. Have fun and keep enjoying.
  5. Wha hoo, bike looks good, leathers look good, but the rider, well, you know, there's only so much Ducati owership can do for you!

    Congrats on the bike, 996's deserved to be at the track more often, they're like a race horse stuck in a paddock when they're not.

    G, do you ever spend any time at work?
  6. Sounds like a fun day. Those leathers still cutting your lunch? :LOL:
  7. Possibly; it's mostly pleasure... :grin:

    I must admit I was doing a little schmoozing on the side with this Summitt Club event.
  8. I can personaly assure people that G does work

    ......just dont try to schedule appointments with him on

    Friday's after lunch
    lunchtime to 3pm on any day that isnt raining

    & make allowances for the fact that the man has signed up for 9 bazillion scheduled track days over the next 12 months

    here is a man who clearly has his priorities :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. nice bike,


    tyre warmers for a track day??

  10. If you got em, why not?

    Imagine stacking on cold tyres at a track day while your tyre warmers were at home.

    You'd feel like a real dummy.
  11. You pay lots of money...
    You get a limited number of laps...
    It takes a couple of laps to warm your tires so you can't push it, or you use the warmers...
    So they save you money in the long run
  12. Well there’re no good at making coffee so you've gotta use them for something! :p
  13. Agree,
    but, depends on your times.

    I watched two guys at a Honda riders club day use tyre warmers.

    I though wow they must be fast..........
    I think I lapped one.
    they were a joke, not that i'm fast.

  14. Wish we had a set! Sigh - one day soon. No point putting slicks onto the bike without them, tyres get hot, then go cold between sessions - you get cold shear on the tyres - wears them out too quickly and slicks cost good money. We have borrowed a set before and nearly did a couple of months ago for a track day and then couldn't be bothered changing from road tyres - Note need spare wheels as well and spare discs and..... so it goes on. Actually a whole other spare bike for track days would be good as would save the hassle of changing bodywork, tank, steering head angle and everything else. Still he thinks its worth it and I am beginning to enjoy track days again too.

    :) :)
  15. Let me think about this , my new bike , cold day , cold tyres , I have the money to spend on a set of tyre warmers.

    second point , I dont give a rat ass what times some one runs or who you lapped , I am sure the guys that had the warmers had a great day , is that not what a track day is about ?

    I think more to the point what a Joke that you think like that about other riders , maybe take a look at your post and pull your head in .

    If you dont want to use them then dont , I find it made my out laps much faster and It boosted my confidence , could not give a flying f@*% what any one else thinks
  16. With a name like Latte Munkey, a Ducati and nice new leathers, of course Bren needed tyre warmers!

    Seriously, any day this week would have been so frigging cold, warmers (if you have them) would be an excellent idea.

    Tyre warmers server another purpose in that they also reduce the damage to the tyre done by the heat/cold cycles. If you're setting any sort of time, you're building a lot of heat into what are in effect street tyres. With a cold day (that's any day this week) it'd help.

    I think any Ducati that gets ridden well is appreciated. Nothing like a booming twin coming out of turn 12 cranked over and then being launched down the straight. Gives me goose bumps! Ah, and then the wait while you wait for the person to back off into turn 1....that's how you measure the size of someone cahuna's!

    Nice bike!
  17. A lot of 'novice' (less confident & experienced riders) say to me "oh I don't need sticky tyres, I can't ride well enough to need them"........ hello?! less confident and inexperienced riders need them even more than someone that 'can' control a slide!

    The same goes for tyre warmers, I liken riding on cold tyres to riding in the wet verses the dry. For sure 99% of riders prefer the safety of sport riding in the dry rather than the wet....... well it is the same with tyres that stick better in the dry (warm ones), and that goes for treaded & slicks.

    Motorcycle riding is all about safety, if you can have more traction at any time, that is the smart way of riding.
  18. Great write up mate. :applause:

    I glad the weather came through for you. Shame about the sacraficial goat though. He was a favourite of mine...

    I was interested in how the tire warmers went. Cause I am pretty slow I reckon it can take 3-4 laps for me to get temp in the tires before the bike starts to feel real stable under me. If your having a red hot go from lap 2, that's pretty good value I reckon.

    What's it heat the tires up too?

    And don't worry too much about Rev, cause he is well fast not like us latte sipping italian sports bike riding poofs... :LOL: