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The Duchess - My new 2012 KTM Duke 690

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Wrekitt, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. After nearly 2 years and practically a new "favourite" or option every week I finally laid out the cash for a new bike.

    I fixated on the Bandit S for a good long while but after being introduced to the Duke one day at CMC I decided to go for something that was completely out of left field. After 2 test rides and a whole lot of investigation into the alternatives the financial controller approved the aquisition of a new bike for me (she just wanted the old one :LOL:)

    Here it is the 2012 Duke 690



    Picked up on the 14th of June and so far I am having a ball.

    Will have to change my sig block because this just became my daily ride!



  2. Nice, but I think you have an issue with your odo, there's not enough numbers on it :-k:wink:
  3. Nice, KTM have really cleaned up their act on the 690, aka the Beakster. That looks great.
  4. That photo was taken after the ride home from the dealer. There are many more Ks on it now. It is rapidly approaching its first service.

    The things that eventually swayed me away from the Bandit were:
    1. The price drop. 12.5k ride away is an awesome deal
    2. The I am going to rip out your arms and beat you to death with them if you are not careful power delivery (with 3 different maps)
    3. a 50% reduction in most accessories for it
    4. the 10,000km service interval
    5. The fact it is ever so slightly too high for my best mate and my Mrs. to get a leg over so it is all mine!
  5. Nice Bike and a great photo as well I used drive to Cotter Dam past there all the time
  6. Oh the cotter loop.... How I have crashed on it.. :)
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  7. Now that they have fixed all the potholes it is once again a great ride.
    +1 for the ladies at the moon rock cafe that make too many pies and offload them for free at the end of the day!
  8. Awesome bike. You won't be spending a lot of time on both wheels with the power delivery from that motor I wouldn't think!
  9. What a beauty! - I wish you well to ride it. Hoping to order mine tomorrow (also in black) :D
  10. have you got an aftermarket exhaust on it? the earlier ktm 690's had huge gains from an exhaust change, heaps more bottom/mid range and still more in the top end.
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  11. Looks to me like the OE unit. I doubt very much that you will find any aftermarket exhaust that delivers 'huge gains' - 1 or 2% seems to be the norm - aftermarket exhausts are clearly more of a style than functional item.
  12. err no
    let it breathe and will get massive gains.
    and possibly massive fines because not street legal.

    stock mapping is good enough to leave as is anyway though. i'd keep it stock standard.
  13. the word "weapon" comes to mind...
  14. talking from experience from the earlier ktm690smc, i agree usually theres not much of a difference but with a slip on muffler (wings brand) and the official ktm akrapovic exhaust mapping uploaded it was a totally different bike.

    peak power would have been about 3hp or 4hp up from stock but the bottom/mid range feels to have gained 6hp or more from 3500rpm to 6500rpm, which in real world riding makes alot of difference.

    for a big bore single, they felt too flat in the bottom and mid range and the pipe and map change made them ride like a 650cc+ single should ride. with actual torque.
  15. Nice bike mate - big singles are freaking fun eh?

    Good choice (y)
  16. I have been sick as a dog all week so have been caging it to work and I already miss riding the duchess. Sitting in traffic gave me plenty of time to think and I decided the name Heidi was Austrian enough to work so Heidi it shall be.
    There don't appear to be any aftermarket pipes out there at the moment for Heidi but I am definitely keen to get one on there after it is run in. I have heard the Akra map and full system transforms this bike into some form of Demonic Spirit intent on destroying rear tyres in the blink of an eye and the hearing of anyone in the BBDA. I have also been told that there are 3rd party systems on the way but 50% off the Akra is very tempting. What do you guys think? Wait or go for instant gratification?

    And yes big singles = big fun...
  17. I would go for the Akra - it's as good or better than any of the other aftermarket silencers, looks good on the bike and won't invalidate your warranty. The latter alone should swing it.

    Whatever you decide on, I doubt that it will result in much of a performance gain - the motor's pretty much at its useful and reliable limit.
  18. akrapovic system would be expensive. but maybe an extra 8 ponies. which is significant on a lightweight machine.
    full race spec duke puts out about 80 ponies, but that cams as well. and holy crap 140 dry.
    quite a mental little bike you have there. are you not quite right upstairs ?

    i would'nt do it. no cat equals huge fines if you get caught.
    (in Victoria you'd probably be shot on sight after they sent in the army.)
    i'd look for cans that have baffles or tips that can be easilly removed or replaced, so as should you ever be sent of to get tested, easy fix.

  19. pretty ****en loud.
    good for late night stealth runs to 7/11
    but too much time in one area, you gonna get chased.
  20. Awesome. I love the Duke 690; I've been so tempted to get one. :)