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The Ducati bug

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Cronus, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. So it's happening again, with the impending release of the 1199 i have got the ducati bug again.
    When the 848 was first released I was in love and am going to looking into it further, will ducati do a trade in on my beloved cbr600rr or is it my worth my while private selling.

    But I am kinda hoping my sanity fights off the ducati bug once again hahaha.

    PS. How beautiful does that 1199 look, wow.

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  3. Don't mention the 'L' word
  4. IMG_0254-441x500.
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  5. LOL - couldn't help yourself could you? :)
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  6. If I had the dollars, I'd buy one!
    Very noice indeedy!
  7. Just do it. You only live once!
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  8. Why do we give duke riders such a hard time for enjoying a ride to a cafe somewhere. Every group ride and meetup I've been involved in has involved drinking coffee and talking shit. It's what riders do.
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  9. I have no problems with coffee loving Ducati owners, feeds well looked after bikes into the 2nd hand market, that we know have never been red-lined or thrashed.

    And it does make for a nice surprise when you get a Ducati being well ridden on the roads. Seems to be 3 types of Ducati riders.
    -Just for the image, poor riders with a big bank account.
    -Average rider who can get that dream bike.
    -People who can really ride and get one because they are an awesome weapon.

    Seems most people just either jump to the assumption or have mainly witnessed the first type.
  10. I think you'd find these the cases in most high end sports bikes, not just Dukes.
    I'd never be able to ride the balls off a Duke, doesn't mean I wouldn't want one though.
  11. I agree that most like to hate Ducs......

    I was a hater until I rode the Hypermotards (796 and 1100EVO) - now I am in love and badly want a 796.

    That said - I still laugh my arse off and shake my head when the Solar-Powered-Squid takes his 1098 out for a spin up and down Bay St. Port Melbourne every single sunny day......Douche Bag!

    When I get my motard I'm gunna wheelie all over his face
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  12. I think it's harmless and in the same spirit as targetting cruisers/cruiser riders/sports bikes. :)

    Japanese cruisers are targetted as 'fake' cruisers (Yamarley etc) and original cruisers (Harley's) are referred to as Harley's. Same goes with the attire that goes with it a la Harley jackets, vests, loud exhausts etc etc.

    Sports bikes with their leathers are referred to as power rangers.

    It's all in good fun and the trick is to just laugh at it.

    We are after all - ALL passionate about bikes so it doesn't matter what you ride and what you wear riding and where you ride to. (cafe, pub, track etc). It matters that we RIDE. That's all. :)
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  13. Ha ha, almost spat my coffee out when I read that!
  14. Or it could just be that the sound of a ducati twin on full song stirs his emotions.

    Cant deny they are good sounding bikes, good handling bikes, hell, just good bikes!

    Live your dream before you end up like the sad sack wondering if he should have, 20 yrs AFTER he should have!

    Do what floats your boat, the others can stfu.
  15. I've got the ducati bug.
    I quite enjoy coffee.

    Can't say that I only ride it to the cafe and back though
  16. :demon:

    Hey - I aim to please
  17. Couldn't agree more. I think they are great machines and I wonder why people don't like them, because they look great, because they sound great, because their riders drink coffee? Really?

    I am building a Suzuki TLR and came across many who would call it a 'Duke/Duc Eater'. Great that it beat Ducati and there's history and what not. But I'll care more about how IT goes than anything else. Hell! I was even suggested to have a number plate on the lines of 'Duc Eater'.

    I have seen litre bike riders who can't ride for shit. I have seen a CBR250RR beat the crap out of a R1 on Bells Line Of Road.

    "It's not about the bike", Lance Armstrong wrote a whole book about it!
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  18. I do think the whole ducati thing's a bit of a wank, although I have a secret crush on some of their bikes. A 748 is one of the few fully faired bikes I'd love to own, and I love the look of earlier monsters, before they started fitting fake tanks with air intakes through them. Putting the 916 engine in the monster frame is a pretty sexy combination for me, I'd love to have a go riding one of those.

    You do have to contend with the douchbag following. It's like driving a Nissan Skyline, you just accept that a lot of utter twats share your taste.

    If I had money to burn I could do something really stupid like buying a Duke, but I think it'd keep me poor till I got rid of it.
  19. I guess the same could be said about R1 owners...

    Money to burn? They aren't that expensive, have a look at top end Jap bikes or even BMW's, the gap is closing. Why would it keep you poor? Service intervals are 12,000k's, but I do mine in between.
  20. LOL.

    I think I saw this guy after practice the other day!