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The downside to Noob 101: Cornering basics ...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, May 5, 2010.

  1. When I bought my bike a couple of weeks ago teenage son’s eyes lit up.

    “Bit early for my 18th aren’t you mum?” (he still has several years to go before L’s)

    We have a couple of pets – inherited a 22 yo, one-winged cockatiel that whistles “pop goes the weazle” and also have a boxer.

    For whatever reason the cockatiel started preening self at 3am, pulling out feathers with god-awful squawks.

    Son, thinking the bird was under attack by an invading cat, ran into the kitchen, slipped in a puddle of dog pee (pay-back for leaving her behind for the netrider’s meet) and went sailing across the kitchen floor on his butt ending feet-up against the dishwasher.

    “If you’d have leaned in and curved (around the fridge) you’d have slowed and probably not ended ass-up,” says me. “You’re not getting on my bike till you learn some cornering basics.”

    “I KNOW how to corner, I go go-karting remember!”

    Guess who’s now reading Noob 101: cornering basics ... :cheeky:
  2. :rofl:

    And here I thought we had a troll post...

    Fun Ha!
  3. LMAO!!! Love it.

    Perhaps turning on the light and improving the vision would have helped avoid the puddle. LOLOLOLOL! :grin:

    And another important lesson, only ride to the limit of what you can see. :)
  4. He should have been smoother on the throttle given the poor floor conditions.[-(


    Heres my cockatiels soiling my A stars.
  5. My initial reaction to the heading was "oh no!"....8-[

    but the way you managed to work cornering skills into dog pee and feather plucking parrots, was GOLD.:rofl:

    A clear demontration of the importance of good rubber for superior grip.

  6. He should have dragged his rear foot in order to safely tighten his line. Plus I suspect he target fixated on the microwave.
  7. Was he ATGATT?
  8. I think he target fixated on the dog pee.

    ...but then hey, who hasn't?
  9. Did anyone report the spill to the EPA?
  10. Lol!!! Thanks everyone, was too funny just had to share ... and thanks for the great tips! :D

    Udlose, love the pic of your cockatiels, these little creatures have such wonderful personalities. Looks like your boots got the nod of approval.

    ... he may have been Attempting Total G-force At The Time ... does that count??? :eek:hno:

    ... the Enthusiastic Pursuit of Aquaplaning?!! :D

    No, but they too would've been handed a mop.

    Ride safe! (would recommend against training on wet kitchen floors)

  11. Hahahaa!! Brilliant :D