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The donkey ride report

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Nosoh, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. so in the interest of not spamming the crap out of the pics from your ride thread, i thought i would start the donkey ride report.
    this weekend saw the donkey (dl650) and me on a little overnight ride around the west coast...

    caught the ferry there and back, usually late for most things, I caught both ferries with less than a minute to spare...
    the trip across the bay is nice, the views are good and thought it would be a nice change to the fwy- which sucks for the most part...


    leaving sorrento early friday morning.
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  2. Yes it is a good little trip on the ferry. My preferred way to get to the GOR.
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  3. after a pretty quiet and cruisey run along the gor rode out to lavers hill...

    from lavers hill went out in search for some more corners... this is somewhere out near beech forest...
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  4. so as expected, the sun was out and the west coast was full of people, two out of three camping grounds i had wanted to stay at looked more like refugee tent cities. overloaded with people and everyone of them had some sort of campfire/ mini bush fire thing raging, hopefully I got the hell out of there before I caught some cancer... did find a quiet little place to stay for the night though.

    early start again saturday and got to do some quiet laps of the gor, and skenes, and some other good little riding roads down there...
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  5. this would be my dream ride. being very new to riding(4 months) yet older (59) i am building up to this. did melb to arthurs seat to rosebud and return via coast ride last friday morning
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  6. Hi jtttjttt - I got my license in July (learners in April) and you are braver than I am - kudos! Melbourne to Arthurs Seat and back would terrify me! ha ha ha Although I had a private lesson yesterday and got told to scrape the pegs as I was getting faster in the figure 8s, I just laughed. When I came back in, the instructor told me I was only about 1cm from scraping the pegs - whoo hoo! :)
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  7. so a few more pics from saturday morning...
    the donkey....
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  8. so many corners...
    hung out here for a quick bite to eat before heading back into the forest for some more corners...
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  9. Nice mate...Looking at riding down the GOR in a few weeks
  10. have fun- its in pretty good nic at the moment.
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  11. Will definitely try a GOR trip in late November or Early December.

    As always - awesome pics NosohNosoh

    Keep'em coming!!
  12. They must have fixed it up since last year.
    They had resealed some of it between Apollo Bay and Lavers hill last year, and it seemed to have peeled in patches. It looked pretty awful for a world famous road.
  13. you wont be disappointed lazy.
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  14. I know..It's a fantastic trip.

    Done it numerous times in the car but not on the bike yet.

    Will start planning as I return from overseas...
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  15. so the rest of saturday was riding a bit more of the gor then up into the forest roads enjoying the views and how they change so quickly from the coast up into the twistie little tracks of the forest and out into the drier bushy surrounds.
    this shot is from some old logged out area,..
    back home to the ferry, via a quick blat up and down the deans marsh road...
    the traffic back from lorne to queenscliff was maxed out, but still nicer than the fwy.
    all up, rode about 1000kms on some fantastic bits of road. a great weekend... and thinking about where to do the next one...

    guessing its going to be dargo, or somewhere like eildon or something...
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  16. What's happened to the Donkey rides NosohNosoh ? I am missing your great pictures. :)
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  17. my apologies cjvfr. last couple of weeks have been down to mirboo for the blessing of the bikes thing, and the gp run last weekend, some pics posted in the photos from my ride thread, but no real donkey rides since the west coast.
    will be getting a proper overnight donkey ride in at the end of november for sure- no matter what. and will hopefully get away for a night before then- fingers crossed.

    until then here is a pic from somewhere near lorne,.. think i haven't posted this one up here yet...
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  18. Outstanding shots mate - as always.
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  19. so last sunday finally got 5 minutes to myself, thought i would make the most of it. got up early and headed down to cattle country for a bit of a ride around....
    zero traffic, perfect weather, beautiful roads and no place to be. good times...
    here's a close up of the donkey- it aint pretty, but then its never looked so good.
    i got here just in time to watch the cows arrive.
    after more than 200kms of riding some favourite roads, some new little tracks, and some roads i haven't seen for a few years, headed back home...
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  20. yesterday, with no real plans- just a general sort of direction in mind, headed out to healesville/ marysville
    so with the black spur empty, and marysville still asleep, I decided to find a back way up to eildon.
    this shot is just outside of marysville... climbing into the hills, the weather closed in a bit more than I had expected, did get to catch this little bit of sunshine though...
    and in no time at all I had found the middle of nowhere.
    the weather over the top of the ridge was cold and windy, but the views over the hills were nice and the roads were mostly in pretty good condition...
    now out of the weather, I stopped to take a few pics of the views coming down the ridge into the valley towards eildon.
    so from here wasnt too sure which way to go, either over to the skyline road or straight to the eildon- jamieson.
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