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The Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost Too Tour of Tasmania Easter

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Dim, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Day 1

    The trip started out on a beautiful Easter Friday morning plenty of sunshine and nice warm too…inside the support vehicle (the Mighty Maroon Mitsubishi Magna). After waiting at Joes until about 10:30ish to see if any day trippers would turn we set off up the east coast.

    The first thing that immediately made me realise how much I wanted to be on the zephyr (which was in bits awaiting a much needed rear sprocket) was how much more difficult it was to get the magna past all the bloody campvans/carvans/general dumb tourists who don’t realise that if you want to look at the scenery pull to the side of the road and let me the bloody hell past :blah:

    The second was that other bikes don’t make “there’s a speed camera up ahead†signals to you when you're in a car :facepalm: probable 120 in a 100 zone ticket for me ïŒ

    Eventually made it past the traffic to the Famed Lake Leake Road where my duty as camera biatch came into play (photos). After lunch at Kalangadoo (mmmmm chicken burger) it was time to head on. Drinking a $1.90 latte in the magna Baz (R6) and Woody (ZX6) soon disappeared into the distance, only to be seen waiting down the road at the next turn off.
    Quick trip up the boreway to the fingal road. Eventually on to Elephant pass pancakes where a couple on a goldwing were laughed at (seriously who would have heated seats, intercom, 6 stacker CD player, probably an inbuilt arse massager…I’ld prefer to be in my car…which sadly I still was as it had not magically changed into a motorbike yet).

    Down St Mary’s pass \:D/ and onto St Helens, were someone thought it would be a good idea to buy some absinthe and energy drink cans to see what they tasted like :?

    On the way to the camp site we finally met up with the mysterious Jason on his old clapper (81 GSX, anything that leaks fuel and had to be push started deserves to be called an old clapper). Set up camp. Much merriment was had. In bed/passed out by 12.
    :beer: :beer:





  2. Day 2 – part 1

    No hang-over, no headache...FANTASTIC. This was always going to be a long day, even though half of us were up by 7:30 it was still 10ish before we left the camp site. After breakfast (mmmm breakfast) at banjo’s bakery we set off towards Scottsdale. This road had me REALLY wishing I was on my bike…maybe if I closed my eyes and tapped heels together 3 times the magna would turn into one. It didn’t.

    Made it to Scottsdale and filled up the car (dontcha just love 61L fuel tanks) and realise someone had drawn a penis on the side of my car the night before :? Anyway, onwards to the magnificent sidling.

    All was well, the weather was well, the road was well, the beautiful sound of motorbikes and a car driving through the mountains filled the air for miles around. :D

    Then around a corner there stands Nate motioning to slow down. Oh crap what happened? Around the tightening left hander was a skid mark going out over the gravel of the inside of the following right hander with a drop mark and a trail of oil leading to the bank. Baz had crashed his beautiful R6! :shock: Luckily there was no traffic coming, he had missed the drop on the inside of the right hander and was walking and talking OK. But the bike was banged up pretty good – windshield broken, couple of bends and scrapes and terminal bleeding from an engine cover :(

    So it was off in search of a trailer from Jase’s place in Launceston still a good 40km away. By the time that was acquired taken back, bike loaded and limped back into Launceston again we were almost 3hours behind schedule.




  3. Ahh memories :)

    Right down to the crashing bit :(
  4. Day 2 – part 2
    So with people on their way from Hobart to pick Baz up and Woody calling it quits and heading back down it was left to Nate, Leecy, Jason and Myself to finish the day – Roseberry still another 200km+ away.

    To try and catch up on lost time we started off along the boring highway towards Derolane…ah I mean Deloraine, in search of a road barely marked on the map (which we’re not going to tell you mainlanders about :p ).

    By this stage the day’s events were starting to take their toll, especially on Leecy.

    The road was found, and it was bloody fantastic! Driving at grandpa speeds to keep Leecy company gave me the opportunity to take a look at the landscape, which was some of the most amazing I’ve seen. Some spirited driving/riding with Jase through some passes on the way towards cradle mountain left me wondering ‘why haven’t I been on this road before?’

    After giving the poor front tyres a workout (they had to steer, drive and stop the car) it was time to be even more amazed by the landscape.
    We regrouped and continued our way to Roseberry in the fading light, and apparently falling temperature (mmmm heater). Made it to the campsite at about 8.

    After unloading and having a shower (mmmm shower) Nate and I decided to go and explore the township of Roseberry to find some food, or at least some milk for the tea and coffee in the cabin. We got to the intersection on the main-street of town. Looked Left. Looked Right. Did a u-turn and went back to the cabin, should have known better in a small mining town on the west coast of Tassie.




  5. awesome write up!!!

    especially love your write ups as we are geting hints and tips for when we move down to the little island.

  6. Old Clapper

    An old clapper she is indeed!!...but somehow she still managed to make the full trip???....gods must have been smiling on me....but hey i love the smell of high octane fuel in the mornin....just dont say it too loud or she wont even roll start for me :p
    Bloody magic trip all !!! :) look forward to riding with you all again soon....
    Hopfully the magnet will lose a couple of wheels and become a Zephyr for the next one
  7. Some more pics of the trip

    Unfortunatly the "Old Clapper" wasn't fast enough to get in front of Daz to get a shot of him....would have looked good though
  8. Yes pretending to be on a bike, leaning into the corners whilst sitting in a car :LOL:

    Day 3
    Woke up bright and early. Easter Bunny Nate handed out some chocolate he had hidden away then off to have a look at the waterfall, which had a bit of water in it but not as impressive as it would be during winter when it rains almost everyday out on the west coast.


    Packed up and headed somewhere other than Roseberry for some brekkie. Traversing some more magnificent corners found us at Strahan, in particular Azzas for coffee and food. Stopped at the esplanade for a look around then onwards towards Queenstown.



    Pulled over for a photo-op (and some hand brakies in the gravel) about halfway.


    Having stopped for some action shots I was a bit behind when we got to Queenstown, and because no-one corner marked I went straight through while the rest stopped for petrol. Realising something was amiss when I couldn’t see bikes going up the 99 turns I turned around and went to check in the town. Still didn’t see them so I thought ‘they must have gone straight through’ so turned around again. Started up the corners again before finally getting a call to say they were in the town after all….XJKHSJHSHJ! Turn around….again.

    Anyway, petrol was had and money delivered, it was time to finally head up the 99 bends. Woooot! Heaven on Tarmac!!*
    :driver: :dance: \:D/ (*I know its not, just because I cant speil bitchnmum).




    Kept going, with a couple of waiting stops for Leecy. Hand lunch at the fantastic Derwent bridge hotel/pub/tavern, who nicely still served us despite being 30mins after lunch time when the kitchen was supposed to close. Would be a nice place to stay for a night or two in winter, big log fire, gentle jazz playing in the background and a good 12yo+ scotch….but it isn’t winter, so kept on for the final stretch home (not counting you in this one Jase).

    Made it back to Hobart to realise my rear tyres had a bit under 20psi in them :facepalm: Dropped off everyone’s gear and bit farewell, but not before being asked by some tourists which way they had to go to get to Cradle Mountain….

    The End

    Oh and the 20 killer wasps in the bug catcher