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The Doctor

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Climbatize, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Did anyone head down to the island today? Got absolutely pissed on all the way from Tooradin to the island. Sun burnt as hell. Go figure.

    450 shots to sort through.. this is one of them.

  2. bit soft but good capture.
  3. It's a very heavy crop and my lens is a little on the slow side.

    Oh and thanks :)
  4. Up your iso to 400 and stop up the lens to f8 and they will be considerably sharper.
    This is a heavy crop at 800 iso (it was very overcast) taken with my first dslr camera back in 2006
    400mm shit lens at f7.1.

    Your pentax has better noise control than that 300D I used and your pics won't suffer.[​IMG]
  5. Some examples of sharper images taken yesterday;




    No pixel peeping smee.
  6. #2 is a goodie :p
  7. Wow - you've both taken some awesome shots there!
  8. Cheers zenali.

    Sorry about the broken links..






  9. Where were you located?
  10. Nice shots Carl.
  11. On the first corner.. and it's a friggin fast turn. But, they were right in front of me when they were exiting out of the pits so I could get a clearer shot because of lower speeds.

    A couple of the shots I took were futher around the first corner.. like shot #1 where they are really getting the bikes on the side.

    The best shot I got IMO was one of Stoner exiting the pits.

  12. Cheers mate.