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The dissappearing boy.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Well, he hasn't been here for a fwe days, had a couple in the hospital. I was supposed to drop arround my quote etc for my smashed bike, but this week he's made the paper.

    Herald Sun - Tuesday Feb 20th ( I think this headaches fair wrong)
    Recuers bashed
    TWO Men were savegly bbashed yesterday after going to the aid of others. The 22 year old men were attacked with bottles and chais as they tried to protect two shopkeepers being set upon by a group of teens in Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
    Both young men were taken to hos[ital and were in a serious but stable condition. Police arrested three teenagers at teh scene of the attack but two others fleed. Two youths aged 15 and an 18 year old are expected to be charged with affray and assault.

    The stitches I have on my face aren't 2 bad, but my god I have this brain bleeding thing that has a constant ehadache and it sucks!!! what's been going on guys1!!! i am at least home from hospital and no more fights for me lol.
  2. Holy crap....you made the papers! :LOL: Good on you for helping out. Hope you're not in too much pain for too much longer.
  3. Believe it or not, I read that story the other day and thought of you!!!

    Was going to post it, but I figured someone would have a go at me for 'speculating'!!!
  4. flexo flexo flexo...

  5. so why were the kids harassing the shop keepers?
  6. Kids of today...they don’t need to have a reason to do stupid things.....they just do it :shock:
  7. theft... they were bashing them once we were there. i seem to go down really easy when hit though it kinda sucks.
    at least this time i got stabbed in the face at first they thoguth with a bottle but they realise it's too straight and found a knife. i'd like my stuff back though.

  8. Ouch! :(

    Gotta admit that it makes you look even tougher/meaner. :p

    So do you get a bravery award from the police? :wink:
  9. to anybody watching today tonight this evening.... there's an article: "are we being to tolerant?"

    about a bloke yelling at someother bloke and everyone watching and doing nothing. for the record, see the stab mark on my face, that's why noone does anything anymore.
  10. That's the problem with being a good samaritan these days, everyone is either armed, or will not hesitate to take things to teh next level.
    You have to assume the worst, and use strong force immediately, don't be nice and just try to subdue or scare them off, beat the crap out of them!
    Sucks to see something like this happen to someone just trying to help.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. That's it. The decision to help those shop-keepers should have been conditional on the size of the nearest piece of wood/metal.

    That looks like a nasty cut on your face though, dude :shock:
    Full face helmet next time, ok? :)
  12. Shit man..

    Heal up son !!!

    See you at Qube

    Bourban on me :D

    Best thing about being a pussy is stuff like this doesn't happen.

    But thats about it :?
  13. bennos, if i ever get a leave pass, we are going in to this town you call fitzroy and we are going to save shopkeepers.

    good job my child.
  14. God Flex...another post where you should have been wearing your helmet.

    Good on you for interceding...much respect :cool:
  15. fcuking ass holes, hope you heal quick bro.
    Takes balls to step in and do the right thing, sad thing is if one of the little pricks had been injured they would probably want you charged.

    fcukin backwards society we live in.
  16. Owie! Onya for standing up for the shopkeeper though :applause:
  17. That's why in America if you have to shoot someone in self-defence; it is better for your finances & freedom to kill them, rather than just injure them - so they can't sue/press charges.
  18. flexorcist

    If you carnt look after yourself, learn not to get involved. These were kids mate. Just common scence not to involve yourself in something that dont concern you. JMO
  19. Yeah lets all stick our head in the sand and screw everyone else [-(
  20. flexorcist your a real life shit magnet dude, you have a knack for trouble finding you, i look fwd to the next flexorcist adventure you post, if we all chip in and get you a digicam will you promise to tote it around everywhere and post pics of all the shit that comes your way?