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The Dirtbag Challenge - $1000 and one month to build a bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MelbourneMick, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I hope they finish this documentary! Some pissa quotes in it.

    "I don't need a bike thats covered in paint and chrome, I know exactly how big my cock is"

  2. Bring on the Aussie version! haha.... Imagine a bunch of Netriders doing this. Awesome stuff!

    Thanks for posting that Mick


  3. The rules in the website for it are pretty cool. No Harleys and you must be able to take the bike in a ride for approximately 3 hours haha
  4. Almost makes me want to build my own bike! I'll need to upgrade some of my skills though. Actually all of them.
  5. that is so Fu*king cool ... Great find... cheers for the upload mate
  6. Problem is, our bike market is so skewed there's not any starting bikes under that amount. You'd need to have $3,000 to even get the shittest bike over here. Wah.
  7. OK so it's not quite a $1000 challenge, but these guys do alright...
  8. +1.

    id love cheap project, anything to learn on etc, fk around with. but costy!
  9. what is the link to ? it failed ?
  10. Try it now...
  11. bewdy cheers mate