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The dilemma

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelhack, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I would like to think that my problem is specific to me but lets face it, its one that every 2 wheeler has faced at some point......WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?

    A bit of background, i currently ride a Bandit 250 and have to admit its prob one of the forgotten 250's. Pretty flickable, relatively light, once above 10k rpm sings pretty nicely and prob one of the quicker 250's, but lets face reality it wont set the world on fire. i ride every day and find it great to zip into town on but once in the twisties or hwy give me more pwr.

    Now the dilemma, i have no idea what TYPE of bike i want. Once i have made a decision on the type of bike i am after i am good to go but i just cant decide. Let me explain:
    1. Supersport - hard to go past either the D675 or gixxer750. Would love to do track days, so would be great for that but not sure if i could live with them everday.
    2. Naked - Hard to ignore everyone's positive comments on the Street Triple and prob the way i am leaning but dont know if i can wake up to those head lights everyday (dont call me shallow) and could struggle on those longer rides.
    3. Cruiser - love the Harley Nightster 1200 but cant see me riding this puppy everday in and out of town
    4. Motard - Have sampled a Duc Hyper1100 and was a lot to love but worried about those longer rides, at least she is a looker.

    Would ylove to hear your thoughts
  2. Dude, supersports. You know you want to.
    The gixxer 750 would have been my choice, but of course you can't go past a Fireblade :)
  3. One of each is the best way to go.
  4. only way to tell with supersports is to ride one or at least sit on one. need decent abs and back strength. if you're bike fit it shouldn't be a drama. I ride a naked (er6n) as much for the seating position as anything as I can ride all day on it. you can do track days on anything, but due to insurance problems a dedicated track bike might be best. many of them have hire bikes available.
  5. All bikes are way more capable than riders nowadays, most people just buy on looks. So buy he one that looks and feels good to you.

    The other good thing about bikes is that they are cheap so buy one, if you dont like it sell it and buy something else.
  6. buy something sporty & comfortable with torque like a z750 modern street fighter, that will be my next type of bike, supersports are awesome fun on the twistys or the track but aren't the best all rounders

    if your pretty competent rider skip the 600 & go to the 750, you will want the extra torque trust me