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The Digitector is coming for your wallet!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fekkinell, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. You have been warned.



  2. Have we, Wayne? Have we, really?

    I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I can't help myself hitting the anchors whenever I see two strips across the road.... for any reason.

    Go on, do your worst. I'll back my reactions any time. :wink:
  3. **** you x 10
  4. Thanks for the heads up!

    Other news at hand Acting Premier Rob Hulls is a complete ****tard, & should have his tongue removed for spouting such bullshit.
    Does he have any evidence to back any of that up?
  5. Pity you cant bunny hop a motorcycle.

    Still, I usually spot them, and ride around them if theres a tiny gap at the edge of the road, or slow down.
  6. I wish these reporters had the integrity for ask for his source when they make bullshit claims like that.
  7. Wait, who am I kidding? HAHAHA reporters with integrity.
  8. #8 Spots, Dec 18, 2009
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    lHGuMUwnKbs[/media]]you? ;)

    I agree with everyone else; Any time I see an amphometer on the ground, I check my speed or go around it. To be honest, I didn't even know that was how they used to do temporary speedtraps, before LIDAR and RADAR. Doesn't change anything, though. Always checked my speed for them, and will continue to do so. [-(
  9. i'm just so relieved it wasn't a thread about checking prostates
  10. Buying 2 lotto tickets also doubles your chances for winning lotto
  11. i was pulled over for a chat in the ute tonight in the city. "noisy, no need to accelerate around that corner so hard, there was no need for you to go that fast(under 50 btw) The Officer would like people to do 40 in the cbd regardless of the notated speed limit, followed by the normal what if's. Usual RBT and licence checks. To be fair to him and his offsider, it looked like they were enjoying themselves as much as one would whilst using a rusty home enema kit.

    So be warned they are actually out and about, but while we were talking they didn't see the drunk push the other drunk guy off the gutter behind them. "VICPOL, Focused on the task at hand"
  12. Oh, but it is.....that's what they'll do to you if you don't comply.

    **** Victoria, it really is obsessed with speed and this 30% number that isn't replicated anywhere else in the World. When will someone actually ask the police, the politicians or even the researchers why their data is do different from the entire rest of the World.
  13. I might take the car out for a hunt and a few handbreakies. Honestly orrifecer there WAS a dog that ran out between the 2 lines! lmao
  14. Gun it over the first sensor and stopie right before the second one. At this point its mandatory to play the family guy version of "can't touch this".
  15. Document Justifying Government statistics

    Page 40 of the PDF under the title "3.2 Hypothetical Crash Outcome Method" is where the relevant bits start.

    I don't think that it is right to sprout hypothetical estimates as truth let alone from a single study with such a small sample size and based on a single location....

    * Edit - This is also mentioned in the paper on page 46:

    "As in any estimate of this type, it is not certain that the estimate of relative risk obtained is an
    accurate representation of the ‘real’ relative risk. However, it is possible to calculate the range
    of values that probably includes the ‘real’ relative risk"
  16. Wouldn't it be better to lift the front wheel once it touches the first strip then have every reading afterwards thrown off?
  17. omg yes!!!!!
  18. what does it look like? used in nsw?
  19. Those two 0.5" diameter black "cords" that run across the road when they're doing traffic-behaviour surveys on particular roads. They're used in every state; you have probably seen several in your lifetime.
  20. So if an additional 5 kph in a 60 kph zone doubles my chance of an accident, either the initial chances are close to nil, or I'm running on borrowed time....