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The difference between rego cost for 250cc + 400cc!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matty__, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. I got a bit of a surprise...


    250cc = $230

    400cc = $633

    :( I thought it would be a similar price...
  2. wow
    is that vic/syd?
  3. Yeah thats sydney... grhhh im not happy!!! I just bought a 400 yesterday assuming it would be similar to a 250!!! :mad:

    Its $400 difference - Which I won't be able to spare for a while
  4. Hi guys try western QBE, i found these guys to be the cheapest...Good luck :grin:
  5. $631 from them... Heres the quote list..

    1999 - 400cc model bike:

    AAMI $633.00
    Allianz $637.00
    CIC-Allianz $635.00
    GIO $631.19
    NRMA $633.26
    QBE $631.00
    Zurich $634.00

    1999 - 250cc model bike:

    AAMI $230.00
    Allianz $232.00
    CIC-Allianz $231.00
    GIO $229.73
    NRMA $230.35
    QBE $230.00
    Zurich $231.00
  6. QBE is $366 in my dad's name, but is this possible?
  7. Yeah it's one of the argument as to why you get reemed in NSW. The transition to larger capacity bikes should be more progressive, to encourage medium capacity bikes.

    Rego itself is the same. Small bikes it's pretty much an admin fee. Medium and large bikes it's about 3/4 of car rego.
  8. If th rego is in his name
  9. It can be, bike isn't registered yet. It hasn't been registered for a few years.

    So if it was registered in my dads name & CTP'd and something happens (touch wood) am I covered?

    Edit: I think you only need to add drivers to the insurance policy.
  10. Instead of getting the prices from the compare prices website give QBE a call. They can do better than that.

    I remember that some of the insurers can do a better price if you ring them just not sure which ones. But QBE sure did drop the price for me on the 650.

    As long as the bike has a current REGO it doesn´t matter who is driving the CTP will cover its part. But for Third party property damage or comprehensive the driver/rider usually needs to be listed in the policy or the excess goes up a lot or they just don´t cover the claim.

  11. is this a rego thread or insurance thread? i'm confused, title says rego but posts contents talk about insurance :roll:
  12. Well CTP is apart of rego isn't it? :p

    Thanks for that munecito.

    Will give them a call - looks like it will be best to register & ctp it in my dads name.
  13. It will be best if your name is not already on the registration papers. If you want to change the name in the registration papers you will have to pay the RTA stamp duty again.

    Now if the bike is unregistered and you didn´t get the rego transfer papers it may be different.

  14. Yep Will, Your right. I didn't get rego papers with the bike as it's been a good few years since it expired!

    for some reason though, I think I still have to pay the fee for the market / sale value of the bike..
  15. ctp is a rip i was just looking for my bike and they want $460 for a greenslip i only pay $320 for my car wtf is going on.

    I feel for all the people of sydney getting jipped everytime we try and save a couple of bob
  16. So true... It is a rip here mate.
  17. I think they go up to 250, then 250 to 600, then 600 up