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The difference between general and log book service? Is it really worth it.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Cam0, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. So my ninja in nearing the 6,000km mark, and personally I really want to do the service myself and learn more about the bike and servicing in generally.

    However, many have said that having full log book services is almost a need for resell. So I started to look at costs of services, many stores are offering a general service for $150 but adding $80-$100 more for a 'log book service'...

    What the hell is the difference other than stamping the log book? are they really worth it? and how much of a factor is a full log book when selling? (has anyone just done the service themselves and provided receipts of everything?)

  2. Hmm well I've sold a few bikes, some with logbook history and some without. People seemed more concerned with the current condition of the bike (is it in good running condition, how fresh is the oil and how often has it been changed etc.) rather than it's history. That $150 can't be much more than an oil change and a general look over, a decent minor service is likely to be over $350 and a major is double that. Have a look in your manual to see whats due at 6000km, you should be able to do everything yourself short of valves and carbie balance but they aren't due for a while anyway. Personally If I were buying your bike I'd prefer to see that it's been serviced by a shop but it's up to you.
  3. 6K service is minor 12K inter(Spark plugs get replaced) IF this is a new bike you could void your warrrnty by not having it serviced ny an athorised dealer or athorised mechanic. Should be something to be considered.

    Works done on 6K are
    • New oil and filter
    • Check brake lines
    • Check levers and adjust
    • Check lights
    • Check chain and adjust
    • check idle and adjust
    I cant remember the rest. But worth having done by the experts IMO.
  4. You have minors and majors as explained above. Sounds like shoite to me.
    You will lose your warranty doing it yourself...unless you have a deal with the service manager at the shop you bought the bike at.
    Finding a good bike mechanic is pretty hard.
    Only two I use are Ducati Noosa or Pro Honda at kunda park. He is really pedantic @ Kunda, and very thorough. But I would put him up there as the best on the coast. KNows his dirt bikes too. ha ha Having won four or five Finks
  5. My old room mate was actually the service manager at Pro down there, and I know caleb he is just awesome! If only I was still on the coast no doubt I'd be there in a heart beat!
  6. if it doesn't affect your warranty then do it yourself... difference between a normal and log book service is probably just, check this check that.

    an oil change is the easiest thing you can do on a bike... Your bike is designed for it to be an easy task, as it needs to happen quite often.

    I do mine myself for a few reasons:

    - Its cheaper
    - I don't have to schedule an appointment
    - I don't have to wait around or come pick the bike up later
    - I can do it in under 20 mins
    - I know its done right using the oil and filter that I choose

    My bike is much older than yours, but I just keep an excel spreadsheet of all the service items that i do, which when/if i sell it, I'll just throw it on a flash drive and give it to the next guy/girl.