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The difference between dirt bike gear and road gear???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by honeybeesweet, May 31, 2007.

  1. Hi all xxx Been looking at gear online and everything i seem to find is dirt bike gear, is it still suitable for road riding?? What is the difference??

  2. Why not head out to Parramatta - you can spend hours there and no shortage of road gear in about four shops within a couple of hundred metres.
  3. Where abouts in Parra??
  4. http://www.whereis.com

    type it in u can also get directions/time distance from where u are located to where ya wanna go .
  5. I buy alot of gear from MCAS (Motorcycle accessory supermarket) in Parra. They have 2 shops next to each other One Dirt gear and one Road They have a huge range to choose from Check them out at

  6. Hey guys,

    Can check out



    for road gear (though one or both of the sites link to physical businesses in Para!)

    As for the differences - off-road gear is typically designed to handle lower speed accidents/impacts, hence the harder armour you see the dirt-bike people wearing.

    Road gear is typically designed to handle the abraision associated with higher speed spills, and the armour is designed to absorb and distribute impact. This is why road gear is often leather and heavy duty cordura. Road gear will also (usually) be better at keeping the wind out.

    You will also notice that the helmets are a different shape - again because the impacts they sustain are usually different.

    That said the guidelines are a bit blurry with motards getting about on the streets and some of the enduro gear that dririder makes :? Best bet is to check the gear out in the fabric! :wink:

    Hope this helps.