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The difference a proper jacket makes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tim 650, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Hi all, today I bought my first PROPER bike jacket, a bit of a cheapy, but great value. Me being on of those people you see wearing an ill-fitting, cheap arse jacket, that is catching more wind than a sail and flapping around so much, you think I'm gonna blow away!!! and in wet/cold weather I have a kevlar enforced, insulated jumpsuit, that because of my stick figure and long arms, goes all the way to my wrists but has enough room around the belly to invite a few friends along for the ride!!
    today in Newcastle it is warmish, about 33 deg, and WINDY!!! So a great time to test out the new clothing. I rode to Morriset Mega Markets wearing jeans, boots, t-shirt, gloves and an open face helmet. I got battered by the wind so badly I was dreading the ride home which was INTO the wind. I negotiated with the nice oz/indian guy for a while whilst trying on the jackets for size, and after a bit of negotiation, I got the price dropped from the marked $195 to $110. Again this is not a flash jacket by any means, but presented great value. It has a removable lining, padding in the back, shoulders and elbow/forearm, adjustable straps on the arms, one under the arms and pockets galore. It also has 2 little zips to alow air flow inside the mesh lining.
    I then put the jacket on immediately, and battled into the wind, to find that the jacket was GREAT, no flapping arms, no huge flap of material on my stomach, and to my surprise, although it was quite hot, even while stationary I was not sweating my butt of as i had expected, and while in motion it was almost cooling! The only thing i was not fully satisfied with was the lack of waist adjustment, but its not to bad.

    The moral to the story........even if its a cheap arse riding jacket, its still a RIDING jacket, and i fell slightly less prone to damage, and a whole lot more comfortable, so go and spend a few bob so you can enjoy the ride all the more!!!


  2. Yeah I was out wearing a bigger then fitting textile today in the wind, was fcuking crazy, was having to lean pretty hard just to keep a straight line :shock: Off to get a decent one on wednesday!
  3. Even leather will flap and catch the wind at 200kph, unless well fitted. But you won't catch me in a textile jacket at that speed :wink:
  4. Yeah, how bad was that wind today :mad: Couldn't go riding.

    On topic, Im extremely happy with my Dri rider Highway jacket, blocks out all wind, has a removable vest for when its cold and has nice padding around the elbows etc which is most definetly going to hit the deck if you stack it :p
  5. Hi all, I'm the poster of this thread and as you will read below.......

    WELL less than 30 hours after finally getting a padded riding, I was involved in an acco!!! I'm not kidding... I have been joking about getting proper riding gear and stacking it straight away, I even joked with a few fellow netriders on saturday that i was finally getting a proper jacket and that i would then have an accident....... well it happened. car pulls out right in front of me while i was about half lean I had only time to lock the rear and grab the front before hitting him behind his right rear tyre, then supermaning it over the boot and landing heavily on my right side, before rolling a few times, ending up in the left hand exit lane of the roundabout(where i was going!) and my beloved bike, my beutiful little star was laying in the right hand lane of the roundabout right where it hit the car ..... and yes my first thought was .... MY BIKE?? I then, still laying on the road, began going through everything to make sure it worked, hands.. yep, fingers.. yep, feet, ankles, legs.. yep yep yep, by then some nice fellas had come to see if i was alright and uprighted my bike, amazingly I was pretty sore, very shaken, and devastated about my bike, but ok.

    MAJOR POINT--- I would normally have been wearing boots, denim jeans, T-shirt, gloves and an open faced helmet BUT today for some reason i put the closed face helmet on and donned the new jacket, and of course the gloves. I would have skin off everywhere without that jacket.

    I came out of it with a very sore wrist from holding on to the very end, a sore elbow(which was padded) sore shoulder (again, padded) and a few holes in the old jeans and skin of the right hip and knee!

    All i can say is thank god for that jacket and I'm ALIVE!!

  6. Unlucky big fella, I cant say how glad I am that you got that jacket.
    You cant afford to lose any weight.

    Up and up mate. Stoked ya a ok
  7. Shit man, that sucks. F%^&ing cagers! Good to hear you came off pretty well but how is the bike? Sounds like it would have pretty trashed.
  8. lucky you hit the rear of the car not the middle. otherwise would have clipped those lovely legs of yours on the car door. i supermanned in my crash and came uoit the same as you, sore all over only thing was my jeans didnt get one rip (wearing them as im writing this up) yet i had a busted left knee and right ankle.

    wish you a speedy recovery mate.

    oh and i also did the MY BIKE MY BIKE!!!! thing and army crawled into the middle of the road to see it.
  9. i wear it most of the time but i love my dri rider. stacked in it and didn't feel a bloody thing. and removable linings rock
  10. Glad to hear ur ok - any accident you can walk away from.... :)
    Im also hoping there was insurance?
  11. my dri rider that i crashed in is in perfect nick still. although i had to get a new jacket to match my new bike, but now comes in handy as pillion's jacket. go the dri-riders!
  12. that's too bad about your acco, but great to hear that your gear did its job. i hope that cager has insurance :evil:

    good luck getting the bike fixed and getting back on the road.
  13. Thanx for the well wishes guys, and yes there was insurance all round!! I still cant believe my bike is trashed....... anyone who knows me, knows i love that bloody bike....... DAM!!!!!

  14. Bloody hell Tim.
    Some body out there looking after you.
    Great news on the purchase, sorry about you crash testing it.

    More shopping ahead for you, make sure you put in for your new jacket to and then you get another one and have the Old (new) one for a spare.

    We are all glad your Ok and that makes a great story for getting the right gear.
  15. Sorry to hear about the stack Tim

    Glad you are OK and the new jacket did its job
  16. Only just read about this incident Tim But over whelmed your ok, I bet that lum of a bike put a fair sized impression in the car ... hope it did any way, If you wanna working bee organised to help ya fix your bike there would be alot of us willing to pitch in with tools etc ... glad your ok mate
  17. Thank goodness for gear!

    Glad to hear you're okay, and I hope the bike can be fixed up okay.
  18. Tim, well done and ejoy riding in comfort it is such a treat.
  19. Murphy's law at it again I see.

    Glad your ok, it probably won't be the last time you come a cropper, but it does reinforce how good gear can save your butt!
  20. Jeez Tim, sorry to hear about your prang. Glad you came out of it ok.