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The diff between cbr600rr & cbr600f etc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by caterz, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to upgrade from my zzr250, and interested in a second hand 600 sports type bike, whether supersports or sportstourer.

    I was wondering what the main differences are between bikes like the cbr600rr & cbr600f, r6 & fzs6, zxr6 & er6f, gsx600r & gsr650f, apart from the price tag.

  2. You will probably get a better response if you do some research and narrow your question down.
  3. Have you googled their images for a start???

  4. learn the URL function noob :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I have seen the pics, this is why I ask, cause they do appear to look quite similar to me, as in, if I look at pics of the cbr600rr & cbr600f, I don't see the difference, and same goes for between the models of each make I mentioned. I guess there's some glaringly obvious differences though if you're familiar with one or the other? Or is it just performance wise, or what?

  6. fark me, do I gotta do everything for every lazy prick on NR?? :LOL:
  7. The ER6F is a sports tourer - the ZX6R is a sports bike.

    At it's most simplistic and basic, the cbr600rr can trace its lineage back to the cbr600f series...

    r6 & fzs6 might share the same engine, but they're completely different bikes - ones a sports bikes, the other is a sports tourer.

    gsx600r & gsr650f is like comparing the current HSV Senator with a the current base model commodore wagon.

    What sort of riding do you want to do?
  8. Yeah, that last question is the key to it all.

    Good run-down above, too, rob: caterz, it's not as simple as each manufacturer having one bike in one category and another in another. The supersports 600s from all the manufacturers - GSXR600, CBR600RR, R6 and ZX6R - are more similar to one another, and their differences are more at the edge. They're all great bikles, but they're all pretty committed sportsbikes, and might be tough to live with as day-to-day commuters because of their power, peaky nature and fairly full-on sports riding position.

    Apart from that, though, there are more sports-tourer options like the CBR600F and the GSXF650, and there are naked and semi-naked options like the FZ6, Hornet600, Z750 and so on.

    You need some sense of how you ride now, how you want to ride, how tall and heavy you are, what budget you have for purchase, gear, maintenance and insurance and quite a wide variety of other variables before you really know what you're looking for.

    Keep on reading...

    PS the 'Search' function is your friend - there are reviews and discussions of every bike on your list available here.
  9. As others have said, you're comparing very different bikes. The difference between a 600 sports bike and a sports tourer is massive. If you're just thinking a 600 is the logical step up from the ZZR 250 then you need to know it's not as simple as the size of the motor. Taking the Kawasakis as an example. The ER6-f makes a bit over 50kW of power, whilst the ZX-6R makes a bit over 90kW, so the difference between the two bikes is bigger than the difference between the ZZR 250 and the ER6-f. As well as having less power the sports tourers will also have a 'friendlier' power delivery as they're made to be more ridable at lower revs instead of being designed to be ridden in the top of their rev range to maximise available power. This means in terms of stepping up a 600 sports is equivalent to a larger sports tourer.

    Other than that, I echo what others have said about working out what type of riding you're going to be doing, they're different bikes, built for different purposes.
  10. thanks guys, that's the basic sorta stuff I'm after. atm most of my riding is commuting, with some rides for fun, not as much as I would like though. Thinking about doing some track days in the future though, but i imagine wouldn't be that often.

    I'm about 5'6 & 57kg, so seat height & weight of bike is an issue. sports weigh similar to my zzr, but the tourers are heavier, and I currently tend to walk my zzr around by sitting on it I'm worried I couldn't hold it up if I leaned it too far walking it on the ground. the tourers would be more suited to the kind of riding i do now though. I do want a faired bike though.

    Not particulary limited in budget, other than that I don't want to buy new, I guess I'll just see what's out there and reasonable, sit on as many as I can & test ride what i like, see what suits best. Was also thinking about buying some leathers, but I already have all the other gear cept a proper back protector.

    I have read some reviews, sometimes it's a bit hard when the models change each year & so does the handling, etc. maybe I need a list of 'avoid xx model year' lol!