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The diet of a Motorcyclist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ed_noobie, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I love bug swarms, I open the visor and get a meal "on the go"

  4. other - post a reference

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  1. So After going for a quick "study break" BRAAP I found myself riding back home in the very last moments of twilight through a bloody swarm of bugs that seemed to last forever.

    Now that I have gotten my protein fix for the next couple months and my new white alpine star jacket covered in bug guts (sad face here), What would you guys add to the list of "The motorcyclist's diet"? This could be anything that you've ridden through like a swarm of bugs, flock of birds, flying mud from a car hitting a pothole. Lets here em!

    Picture for reference, I had to remove some of them because I almost couldn't see from some of the bigger bugs :/

  2. A swarm of locusts near the SA border, those buggers hurt at 100k. You have to slow down to avoid ending up black and blue.
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  3. Rubber from a blown tyre on the truck in front of me just after the bend coming out of Lakes Entrance. It just seemed to keep coming, no room to overtake with oncoming traffic and following traffic hard on my heels. The truck pulled over on the first straight bit and then showered me with gravel.

    I've now got a windscreen on my Bolt & it cops all the bugs :] so my jacket stays relatively clean and the windscreen is a lot easier to clean.
  4. do two hailstorms, a couple of kilometres apart, count????
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  5. Bugs? Like these?


    Just part of riding through the countryside. A bee swarm is a little exciting. Try one sometime.
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  6. Rode through a bee swarm once, they then proceeded to sting my leather jacket, when I stopped I had 20 stuck by their stings to my jacket, fortunately none of them got my exposed neck
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  7. The bee up under the chin guard into a closed full face helmet was kind of a fascinating experience. This was in the days before we had that little extra piece of cloth under our chins.
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  8. The last thing to pass through a bumble bees mind is it's arse hole as it hits your visor. hate that smeared mess!
  9. yep, Bees are fun, try a European Wasp in your Helmet while riding in heavy traffic, stung the crap out of the right side of my head, by the time i was able to pull over my right eye was closed and my face swollen.

    On the way home from an interstate ride, during the day 3 inch Dragon Flies - Felt like being hit with a stone at hwy speed.


    Then that night Bats, could not win.

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  10. Ouch :-( you win!
  11. I had a wasp go down my back during a group ride. Stung me around 1/2 a dozen times. Had to pull over and strip down to my bra. The tec thought his luck had changed.

    Geez those bastards hurt. I had sores on my back for ages.
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  12. I rode through a swarm of gnats(?) a few days ago. Didn't have my visor fully closed as I'd just taken off. I then had to pull over because I was worried about eating one of about 10 that got in and it's hard to concentrate with the little blighters flying around in your field of vision.
  13. ooo some nasty ones. I remember a video of a guy getting hit by a bat in the chest. Will never forget his scream haha.
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  14. Christmas beetles. They try to dig. Don't clamp your eye shut when they somehow make it under your visor and glasses, and land on your eye lid.
  15. Bee up the sleeve of my jacket.
    Moth in the eye at around 60k's closes both eyes and they water like Warragamba flood gates just opened and you steer for the curb by memory.Left eye is swollen for the rest of the day and hurts like a bastard.
    Pull up at a Stop sign in the country Magpie comes down off his tree,lands on my shoulder and as I accelerate away hunches down behind my helmet out of the wind and concentrates on trying to smash through my helmet with that sharp,hard f'n beak.
    What makes this one bring a smile is the next weekend I pulled up at the same stop sign with my eldest son on the back and the Maggie proceeded to do exactly the same thing to him as I giggled maniacally while accelerating away.
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  16. Ha ha, Reminds me of a night run a group went on once. We pulled up at a rest stop and one of the guys pulled up whinging that whilst he didn't know what sort of bug had hit him in the chest on the way up the mountain, he reckoned it was large and hurt a lot hitting his chest.

    He had his little whine and headed to the toilet.

    Next thing he is screaming and dancing around. Turns out it wasn't a bug, it was a bat. It was still alive and still attached to his chest!
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  17. BAHAH! thats gold... did you call him Batman for the rest of the night?
  18. Was riding along a country lane once, late on a summers evening. It was dark, but warm.

    I spotted this huge moth heading for my headlight and the little bastard hit the outer rim of the light.
    It exploded and all the moth snot shot up at me, all up my chest and my face and for some reason I had my gob open, with an open face helmet.
    If you ever wondered what moth snot tastes like, stick your little finger in your ear as far as you can and have a good lick. Bloody disgusting.
    It was shortly after I decided that I would get myself a modular helmet.
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  19. I had a bee-in-helmet experience yesterday. I'd just joined the freeway mid-morning, so 100km/h-ish.
    Then I notice something move in my peripheral vision, and I spy a ferkin bee on the chinbar. Yikes!

    Was able to open and lift the chinbar of my Rjays modular, which blew the little bugger away in the slipstream.
    Like a boss.

    I imagine if I'd been wearing a non-modular full face it would have been a very ordinary experience indeed.