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The Definitive Hyosung Cage-match Thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. It gets kicked around all over the place, all the time. Let's see if we can finally beat the dead horse down to its component atoms and have them blow away on the wind so we don't have to do it again.

    So, gozbil, since you're the recent champion of the Hyos around here. I really, really hope you continue to love yours and that it runs perfectly for years for you. You're totally at liberty to report that. But I don't think you're at liberty to tell those who have had worse experiences that they shouldn't share them.

    Bottom line (for me, directed to everyone, not just gozbil) - it's a forum for sharing experiences and opinions. People have strong opinions about the Hyos, both pro and con, and will share them, and so they should. Trying to shut up the opposition (to me) just means you feel your own case is weak - else why can't it face up to the competition?

    There are all kinds of myths floating around on both sides, like 'it was only the early ones' and 'it was poor maintenance' and 'they're Suzukis' and so on, and there are issues with service and support that are separate from the issues with the bikes themselves but still important to a potential owner.

    Anyway, put on yer tights and yer Strong Bad mask and Get In The Ring!!!

  2. Two men enter. One man leaves.

    :twisted: :popcorn:
  3. Typical coming from ANOTHER Suzuki owner, seems like the number 1 haters of Hyosung lololol

    But in all seriousness , im here for a laugh and love shit stirring and i am achieving giving people the shits over something stupid, specialy to all the Suzuki owners (give me a Trumpy any day :grin: )

    Anyway my aim for the preaching (shit stirring) is who cares what bike you own, as long as we all have a bike and are enjoying riding and stay safe, as i said in another post, here in NSW, not sure about other states, every time a bike passes another bike you give them a nod and they give one back in appreciation to riding a bike.

    So if anyone takes offence to my shit stirring then mission accomplished for me :grin:

    In regards to the Hyosung, i couldnt care less if people hate it, my only concern is number 1, thats me, and i reckon the Hyosung is great and thats all that matters to me, dosnt bother me the slightest what the person next to me says.

    Anyway thats my 2 cents worth and im really looking forward to meeting a few people on these boards and go on some u beaut rides together but ill wait till i get my Trumpy first :wink:
  4. i have also noticed that these boards are a bit quiet so hopefully i can boost up some hits even if it involves people picking on me haha
  5. suzukis rate 2nd to hyosung, amongst all makes, in faults and recalls. :LOL:
  6. Normally I ride a Triumph Sprint ST. PS loaned me a virtually new Hyo 650 for the day recently while my Sprint was in for it's first service. To say these bikes are very different is a huge understatement.

    When I first climbed aboard I thought WTF, this is dangerous. Looking at the bike you could see how cheaply it was built. First ride impression was that it rides as cheaply as it looks. Quality isn't it's strong suit. I rode it for 20 minutes and was glad to park it.

    After a while i summoned the courage to go shopping on it. This time, because I was a bit more used to it, it didn't feel so strange. I made another couple of short trips that day and to cut a long story short, by the end of the day I was actually enjoying riding it. It was very zippy and easy to handle. With the power being much less than the Sprint, it didn't matter how much I turned the throttle, I was always in control. Therefore, I could relax and enjoy the ride. My Sprint is a great bike but it demands your attention at all times. Riding the Hyo was almost like riding a scooter. I didn't push it, although I turned up the wick a bit a couple of times. The brakes seemed ok for that bike but there was a strange noise that came from the rear each time it was engaged.

    So, for zipping around the suburbs and commuting to work I'd say it's acceptable. However, I believe longevity will be what lets these bikes down more than anything.

    Would I buy one? No. I'd rather buy a secondhand Jap bike of similar "style" for a similar price before I bought a Hyo. But each to their own and I wouldn't bag anyone that owns one - I'd only advise them against purchasing BEFORE they bought one.

  7. lol dude, your going to cop it with that comment, dont insult Suzuki owners :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I'll boil this argument down to a nice succinct line:

    Hyosungs are buckets of poo.
  9. Pails of shite.
  10. I'm just sittin' here waiting for the storm o' poo that's gonna come Hyo's way....

  11. Containers of human refuse.
  12. A burning paper pag of dog poop left on your doorstep.
  13. I would have thought Suzuki have more recalls that Hyodung as the flungdung policy is to pretend nothing happened and hope it lasts the warranty...
  14. A receptacle of animal excrement.

    (Submitted by Susan and she knows nothing about motorbikes...)
  15. Oh, I'm much more Bandit-loyal than Suzuki-loyal in general, and have had and loved Yammies and Hondas (and even a Bombardier!) in the past. Next bike will most likely be a KTM. So no investment in bagging Hyosung - my main interest was to try to corral all the poo-flinging to one thread rather than have to hose down the whole damn forum all the time, and so far that seems to be working. ;)
  16. Love ya work Bravus, but all you've done is contain the beast for a little while until another n00b asks

    'Which bike should I buy - a wickedly cool and reliable VTR250 or a Piece of Shit Hyodung?' :LOL:

    Everyone knows how much I hate these pieces of regurgitated Felch so I'll hang back a while before unleashing the tirade.

    Stig - I think this thread might have been made for us yeah? :LOL: And have you noticed how many 'my Hyodung has shat itself' threads are appearing lately on the korider forums?? I'm trying really really hard not to say 'I told you so' :wink:
  17. in a way its sort of working in Hyosungs favour lolol, Suzukis are copping a bashing, im happy with that
  18. FYI, no self respecting person reads any further than a lololol
  19. Personally I don't nod to Hyosung riders. Scooter riders still get the nod though.

    I'm sure that as long as there are enough suckers about wasting their hard earned cash on Hyosungs that eventually they will build a decent bike. Will be a very long time before they win a Masterbike or BOTY let alone participate in one though.