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The Decision [VIC]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2wheelsagain, May 5, 2008.

  1. Well after yesterday cruising around with a pack of noisy V-Twin tractors and a small smattering of other bikes (and yes HD do crash) Mrs 2wheelsagain has decided to go for her license to allow her on a "bigger bike". She booked in this morning for May 24. Just in time for Vic LAMS maybe. Not a big choice on the current list except for Duc so at some stage soon she'll have a decision to make.

    So, on the current list which is the obvious choice to upgrade the ZZR to?

    We had a great day yesterday raising about $500 for SIDS.

    Photo taken across the road from the Newry Pub
  2. 400 motard hmmm Depends what kind of riding I suppose??

  3. If she enjoyed the ZZR 250 the ZZR 600 is a nice bike. But I think we need a bit more info about needs and tastes and such to give really useful suggestions.
  4. There's balls-all on the list that would make an upgrade worthwhile. Wait til she can get an SV650 or ER6F.
  5. So does she want to upgrade to a LAMs bike??
  6. I read the OP as saying that she wants to get her full license to upgrade to something more serious, and that the reference to LAMS was more in relation to being able to sell her current 250. ICBW.
  7. To clarify:
    If there is an appropriate bike on the current LAMS list we would consider upgrading. Bravus ZZR600 would be ideal but its not on the list.

    As the list stands now, I don't see anything that would be a huge advantage over the ZZR250. It's still a brilliant little bike. So we may have to wait until she is off restrictions and all the more reason to not put off going for her license now and live with the 250 for another 12 months.

    After tagging along with everyone else on bigger bikes on Sunday and doing a bloody good job she can now see the merits' in another 40 - 50hp.

    Her (our) riding needs wont change so something along the lines of a faired bike is what she wants.

    Lets hope the list improves.