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The Death of VHS

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thecptn, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Didja read it all the way through?

    It's a conspiracy I tells ya! :evil:
  2. Yeah, DvD is dying...

    Blue Ray is HERE!!! :grin:

    However BlueRay will probably die when the shift is made to usb dongles...
  3. That's just one major supplier in the US, not a manufacturer, and there are certainly other suppliers around. I don't think it's quite dead yet.
  4. DVD's death is tied to the recent shift to HDTV. The best media format that can supply full 1080p @ 24Hz for a 3hr period (minimum) will be the format that will hang around for the next 20-30 years like VHS did. IMO, the DVD format was only ever a first-stage stepping-stone between the old VHS format, and what looks to be like BluRay as the next big thing.

    It'll take a broadcasting format change (as in greater display resolution), or the advent of super-cheap solid-state media (ie. <$2 for 100gb of solid-state ROM storage) to knock BluRay off its impending perch.

    Quite true. Dead in the USA maybe. Not RoW yet, but getting there. It'll be truly dead when you can no longer buy blank VHS tapes at the local supermarket.
  5. I refuse to buy any more new technology until I get a letter from Sony saying they won't invent anything else.
  6. Rrrrright :LOL: so the gramophone and those old fillum thingys are going well then?
  7. DVDs will definitely not become obsolete in the near future. Unless you have a massive TV, Blu-Ray is not a worthwhile investment. They will be around for a long time. at least another twenty years I bet before people start buying more Blu-Rays than DVDs. Don't forget that everyone's grandma is only just discovering the wonder of DVD :p
  8. So true!

    My grandpa just bought his first DVD player in the Xmas sales!

    Meanwhile, I've upgraded to Blu-Ray :twisted:
    I just need a couple more brackets, cables and wall plates to finish my 7.1 system...
  9. Just you folks wait till talkie toaster becomes real. With greater technology comes greater irritation.
    Then you're all in trouble! :p

  10. I still havent got a blu ray :shock:
  11. I would say that less thak 20% of people have a blu-ray player currently (unless they have a ps3 then maybe more..)

    I wouldn't worry about it too much ;) you're not gonna get left behind or anything. I'm certainly not in a rush for blu-ray, i only have a little CRT telly so i think it would be a waste of time.
  12. Not all of Sony's inventions are successful. It's had some major flops such as the Betamax system (which lost out to VHS) and the Minidisk.
  13. Betamax will rise again! lol
  14. And when there is a major solar storm on the sun and all the digital info has been wiped from your hard drives forever, then people will finally realise that film and vinyl records was the way to go.
  15. Likely not, since we'd all be dead.
  16. remember Laserdisc? lol.


  17. NOT TRUE....a simple hat made from foil can protect you from harmful rays...
  18. Yes I do..!
  19. I have a PS3 , but only have a couple of blue-ray movies , still buy dvd's as the price is better.
    When blue-ray movie price is comparable , then I might buy them.
    Worst thing with PS3 , it seems every time I turn it on , there is an update that it wants to do , before system is usable.
    It seems as though I don't actually own the system , but renting it as it is a forced update that you have to do.