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The day my new bike came to work

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Benny Boy, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Tried posting this is my older thread but it won't let since it over 175 days old.

    Anyway, here is my current bike. The photos came out a bit darker this time and a little bit more theatrical.




    Not the exact result i was after, but i thought it was interesting. When i get the time again I'm going to try again and do something similar like i did with my M50.
  2. looks good mate
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  3. Thanks.
    I looked at these pics again and now have one as my desktop background. Still waiting for some time a free space to do it justice.
  4. What model Harley is that ?
  5. Forgot to put that in the first post. It's the 2009 limited edition, blue japanese M90 by Suzuki. :)
  6. So I found some more time to have another go at photographing my bike.


    As it emerges from the haze.

    thought i'd put the previous bike in with the new one.
  7. great photos, looks beautiful
  8. top photos mate
  9. cheers, glad you guys like them. Great thing about posting pics online is when your computer crashes at least you can reload the pics from the net.