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The Day My Hypermotard Was Written Off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by macbrowndog, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Here's the reason you wear protective clothing... On my way home from work (in Perth) just turn left on a dual carriage way went move into the right lane and started to accerarate ... Next thing I knew i was on the bitumen.. The clown (insert stronger word) in the left lane swung out into my lane at the same instance I rode past... No time to react drop the bike on the right hit the deck with my left knee then bounce onto my left shoulder and hit the road with the left side of my helmet...

    Got my self up .... The white Toyota UTE DID NOT STOP... Fortunately a couple of great blokes behind me stopped and helped me to the centre reservation.


    Took the skin off my left knee (According to the doctor the Draggin Jeans saved my knee) The jeans where shedded expected for the Cevlar.

    Left shoulder pad in my Ducati leather jacket recieved battle scars along with the left arm (no injury)
    Full face helment got hammered on the right side including the section that protects you lower face and jaw the visor was completed wrecked from the tarmac.... Wear a Full Face helmet... My gloves copped a bit of gravel ... couple of bruises on my hands. Another than that I was fine... albeit my knee was killing me.

    The bike.... 2 month old Ducati Hypermotard 1100 SP EV... (my second) took a beating on the right side usual places... The big problems is the frame which was slightly dented from the impact of the handlebars coming back.

    My lovely new bike is a write off...

    This this the first time I have come off in 30 years.... Don't been compliance wear protective riding gear


  2. Glad to hear you are ok.
    Did no one get the rego of the car ?

    Oh and I think you mean complacent not compliance at the end there.
  3. Correct... Thanks for pointing out the typo. ... Spell checkers suck.

    Happened too quick to get the rego.

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  4. Glad you're OK and all, hope you do track down the ute too.
    Telling people to not be complacent and to wear ATGATT will not go down too well here though.
  5. Cars run wide like that all the time.
    Maybe your full face blocked your vision.
  6. Dammit that sucks man! Good to hear you fared reasonably considering the circumstances. Wish you could say the same about the bike.
    Just curious, was there any CCTV in the area you went down?

    Hopeully Karma visits the ute driver soon...
  7. Cue 1st ATGNFI comment in 3..2..1..
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  9. Awesome lol
  10. Zipped......been done, and done, and done
  11. The season is in full swing.
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  12. There is a lesson to be learned here.
    The OP doesnt seem to want to address it though.

    You cant just crash,blame someone else and move on.
    History will repeat.
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  13. Sorry to hear that! It hurts when something so new gets taken away so quickly. Glad to hear you're okay! Your clothing definitely paid themselves off in a matter of seconds.

    Was this road you mentioned a freeway or the like? Any possibility of traffic cams? I'd be in contact with the RTA, even if there's no video footage of the collision, there might be some of the ute prior to or after the collision which could be matched up, and would obviously have sustained some damaged from the collision.
  14. What collision?
  15. Dbl post deleted
  16. Exactly,we need clarification on that point---OP ??
  17. And here's my reaction:
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  18. Real bummer, lucky you survived. Hit and run bastards
  19. @OP - Glad you're okay mate.......chin up.....sounds like a decent off......

    Pitty about the bike,,,,,I like the Hypers.....although - the new 848 liquid cooled 4-valve Hypers have just been released.....along with a 16L tank.....they might even be able to rival the Ape :D
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  20. No, just a run, no hit.