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The day I wrecked the Homebush course

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AznCruiser, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. The day I accidentally wrecked the Homebush course. Sorry to all, next time Ill be sure to bring some yellow tape.

    I gave it a good stamping before going home and should look as good as new. Goz, Gnome, OzYoda and the gang please pleas please dont kill me :(

    Note to all, wet tape comes off very easily.

    VIDEO INSIDE (****no ducks were harmed in the making of this video****)

  2. :rofl:

    Oh man are you in trouble!

    That's not ordinary tape.

    It is produced by OzYoda. Sort of like the stuff produced by silkworms.

    And you touched it with your hands.

    You DON'T want me to tell you which orifice it is produced by.

    Plus it takes him 38 days to produce enough of the stuff to make 13cm of tape...


    Fun Ha!
  3. [-(
    They wont be impressed...


    Goz, Gnome and Oz.

  4. Ho god no!!!!!!!!

    Does it come off? how many times do I need to wash it? do I need to use industrial strength detergent or a WMD grade detergent? Am I going to die? ::eek:hno::eek:hno::eek:hno:

    lol j/k guys and im sorry again.
  5. oddly enough, i was at the gun shop today and bought myself a new scope for my gun, so i do need to test my scope out :)
  6. Oooh what have you got goz?
  7. #7 AznCruiser, Dec 3, 2010
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    Its not rabbit season Goz, please dont kill the duck family beside the pond/lake. Strap on a GoPro and put some of these scent killers [media=youtube]BKpz3sd8AVc[/media] lol

    Toy cap guns dont need sights do they ;).
  8. Dont worry, goz only fires blanks with that gun. God knows what he needs a scope for :D

  9. [​IMG]

    .223 Rem 700 SPS Stainless Synthetic
  10. AznCruiser so what did you do wrong, it looked like you were taking measurements with the tape. Btw your bike sounds nice what pipe is it?
  11. I seem to have more difficulty on a box i marked out at an industrial area. After measuring it it seems to me similar dimensions. I think that its the road thats making it harder, the homebush site is on a flat even ground whereas mine slopes down on both sides.

    I have Jardine pipes

    looks Chinese made, took ten pre schoolers to assemble it and one goz to break it.

    this is much more my style
  12. Azn, the markings are all to spec so theres no need to measure it!

    When Ozyoda finds you...start running

  13. Ill throw some burgers to distract him and get him off my scent lol.

    Yeah markings were to spec but was still wondering why i found it easier, my only explanation is that my dodgy industrial one isnt on a perfectly flat surface.
  14. Goz, Ozyoda and co. As promised, Ive added some black tapes to hold the yellow tapes that was peeling off. Ill try to have yellow ones next time lol.
  15. ahh no biggie bud, Chris will lay new tape down next week

  16. Yeah the rain really took out the stickiness and the tape seemed really old/fragile. I thought I noticed some painted lines underneath the tape. Was there ever actual paint lines there originally?
  17. Could be. I found the Left hand turn that we practised at the P's course to be a bit trickier as it was so close to a fence. Little things seem to mess up your groove for no good reason. It's good practice for the real world cause everything won't be flat and smooth on the roads.

    I actually find that when I do U turns I am most likely not inside the imaginary 6m box cause it's not drawn on the ground for me to aim for!
  18. Agree with cardboardtenant's comments. Simple things mess up the groove.

    One question that Ive been meaning to ask is for the "U" turn test, it is ALWAYS done clockwise or can they also test you counter-clockwise? I try to practice both but cant see too much benifit in going counter clockwise on Australian roads.
  19. It's always done to the right - As if you are u-turning in a narrow street.

    Fun Ha!
  20. What 'e said. Keep practising the lefties, not for the MOST but for lefthand hairpins which you will most likely encounter at Galston Gorge or Berowra Waters (we will take you down soon enough).