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The day I died

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by movin, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Did anyone catch the documentary on ABC last night at 11.10pm start time,about examining peoples experiences when they are declared clinically dead,no heartbeat,no brain activity and they are resucittated and brought back to life and what they experienced.

  2. no, but watching that thing last night on how petrol stations pumps don't read too accurately I had no heartbeat and no brain activity and I woke up fine but with no memory of what had happened.
  3. No but would be very interested in it? Anyone gotta copy?
  4. no, went to bed after watching Andrew Denton interview Billy Connelly. Very funny indeed

    Would also be interested in seeing that documentary if anyone has a copy
  5. Yes I saw Denton interviewing Connelly as well,what a superb argument for nature versus nuture and how the power of ones outlook on life,and not ones upbringing,is a precursor for a well adjusted individual.
    From a childhood of being molested by his father,Attention deficit syndrome,being constantly told hes stupid,a grassroots working mans upbringing as a welder,to one of the most widely recognised comedians on the planet and lunch with the queen and a C.B.E.
    The power of self belief and a healthy sense of humour,not learning to take ones self,life and others too seriously and not listening to the endless plethora of negative people you encounter in life has taken the man where he,s supposed to be.

    I have emailed the ABC to see if a copy of "The day I died" is available for sale or if they plan to resceen it,will let you know their reply.
  6. Yep, I find Billy Connolly pretty inspirational. And I honestly believe he's the funniest human on the planet.

    Now if he'd only ditch those damn trikes and get onto 2 wheels... :LOL:
  7. Hey, at least it's not a cage...
  8. I did.. very interesting. Im an athiest and very sceptical of all things religious and spiritual but it certainly made you wonder. Especially the woman who had that brain operation and was able to describe things she saw in an outer body experience which she could not possibly have seen as she was dead for an hour and wouldnt have seen when she went into the operating room
  9. Yes as they said,she was the only clinically documented medical case where while under clinically dead conditions,still had the out of body experience,and they where as physicians"in clinical control of her mind/bodily functions",countless other cases of people experiencing the same thing,but as typical,logically trained scientists,if they didnt control the patients faculties and the i,s weren,t doted,and t,s not crossed,conclusion-must mean its all in there imaginination.What a bunch of bullsh*t
  10. I'd like to see it as well, if anyone's got a copy. Mrs Nodz was watching the Connolly interview on Denton but she switched over after that. She'd be interested as well.
  11. Until scientists fully understand the brain and the mind I dont think anything can be discounted.
  12. Can you honestly forsee that day coming?ever?when science totally understands how the most dynamic thing in the universe functions,i.e.how our melons work.
    I mean we aint talking about building a better mouse trap or finding the 12th secret spice in the the Kernels secret recipe chicken or even discovering the theory of relativity here.
    Where talking about unlocking the fundamental essence and nature of man.That be the day we find god me thinks,whatever the hell that is.
  13. And i know a guy he used to skip school with and go and play soccer :)

    mad scot but aren't we all?
  14. acch I the nue laadie,we are indeed
  15. True, like that surgeon was saying. It goes down to understanding the fabrics of the universe itself.

    The irony of this is that it doesnt really matter whether we know if there is life after death. We all find out eventually.
  16. For those who asked,I emailed ABC to see on the programs rescreening or availabilty,and the following is the reply.

    Thank you for your email.

    I am sorry to advise that the ABC no does not retain the rights to
    repeat 'The Day I Died' program. Please be assured that I have noted and passed your request on to ABC Programming to ensure they are aware of the audience interest in repeats of this program. You may be able to find more information on obtaining copies of this program at the following
    site: http://www.abc.net.au/compass/s1443554.htm.

    That link says the following

    This program explores the phenomenon of “near death experiences” as reported by people who have been recorded clinically dead while undergoing cardiac arrest or serious surgical procedures, yet have then survived to recall their experience.
    Please contact the BBC to inquire about purchasing a copy of the programme by email at education.aus@bbc.co.uk
  17. try the abc shop. they tend to stock alot of BBC stuff
  18. Interestingly they said the same about how reproduction works only about 200 years ago.

    I agree that we know very little about the brain. However, saying it's the most dynamic thing in the universe is stretching the truth to some extent, especially when we don't know what's exactly in the entire universe.
  19. Can you give me an example of something more complex or more dynamic?a tangible object?,we can only comprehend the vast chasm of the universe with our limited brains,or souls?bit like the cicken or the egg argument this one.
  20. How about my wife?