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The day has come to say ThankYou all ....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VCM, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. I guess it was inevitable.:shock:
    15 mths ago, at age 47, I got the 'bug'. I hadn't been on two wheel since I was 15 where weekends would see me riding my lil YZ80 at a local spot which today is the site of many factories and commercial businesses.
    I come across Netrider in June 2007. The characters that make this wonderful site have guided and advised me well whilst I attempted to become a competent, safe rider. I believe many not-so pleasant situations have been either avoided or averted due to the advice and guidance I had been given on this forum.
    I have also had the opportunity to meet a few real 'decent' people here from both ride days & spanner nights.:)

    Some of these people took time-out to add a little practical assistance.
    ( Thanks John & Caroline ( Raven & Pinx ), Dave ( SHEPPO ).
    Although I have yet to achieve my goals in many aspects of riding, I am delighted I have got this far. So THANKYOU NetRider, and a SPECIAL thanks to those who gave up their time to help an old-fart get through what my sweetheart swears was mid-life crisis.

    So today, over 15,000km of riding later, and whilst still in one piece, I'd like to announce that .... I'M FINALLY OFF RESTRICTIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!\:D/ \:D/ ( no LAMS bike & OK to take a pillion )

    haha .. surely ya didn't think this was one of those " I bid you all farewell" posts ? :?
    Sorry, you are stuck with me here a little longer.
    I'm so looking forward to being able to legally take my wife with me on the back of the hornet. I'm also looking forward to the beginning of my upgrade selection process <<< be ready for another 'which bike?' post soon ( sorry ) :p

    so, once again, .. THANKYOU !!! :beer:
  2. Congrats, Vinnie :)!!!!
  3. Haha, you got me, i too thought you were done riding.
    Congrats, big relief to be off, no fu*king p-plates and full points, which you might need if your right wrist gets too happy on your future upgrade :biker:

    Posts asking which bike to choose from are great. Not only would you benefit but also other readers looking at the same style bike from all the reviews/opinions from NetRider members.

  4. Onya mate, well done!

    Onya mate, you suck :p
  5. Only 15k kms you nancy!? :grin:

    Congrats on the fulls.
  6. Well Vinnie you did have me going for a bit too and I was thinking bugger I don't even have his number to try to talk him out of it! :LOL:
    1000k per month is good experience mate, but keep in mind that every time we get on the bike we develop and hone our skills a little bit more. I know I do anyway. :)
    I'm interested in what you'll be upgrading too but I suspect I already know. Now is a great time of year for test rides so keep the rubber side down Vinnie. :biker:
  7. congrats on the fulls mate, it only gets better from here on!
  8. Congrats on the unrestricted license.

    Now you too can own a monsterously powerful bike and finally answer the question of "need" versus "nice to have". :LOL:
  9. You mean you're not leaving?????????
  10. Congratulations on doing your time, I guess you'll be unleashing hell now.

    Stay safe mate.
  11. congratz vinnie :)
  12. Well done Vinne!

    I'm almost in the same league, "old fart" got the bug late. Unfortunately I still go 7 months to go till I'm off restrictions, but already figuring what I'll get next.

    You're only just down the road from me. With the better weather coming up we should hook up for a few rides together.

    Love to see what your next bike is going to be. :)
  13. well done mate :applause:
  14. You're welcome! :grin: :LOL:

    Not sure what I did exactly, but you're welcome anyway mate :wink:
  15. bugger i was hoping so :LOL:

    congrats enjoy the open license and the shopping when you feel it's time
  16. Thanks for the replies , :LOL: @ a few of em ..
    campag , that'd be great


    Seriously.. I'm thinking either a 2000 Hornet 600 ( bikini fairing )
    .. or the CBR600F4i ( Banana Seat ).
  17. yay for vinny
  18. Mate, there is one of those tractors with a trailer for sale in Bairnsdale at the moment. Would you like me to whack down a deposit for you? :LOL:
  19. Nice one Vin you BASTARD !!!!! :grin: :LOL: :grin:
  20. Only if it comes with AirCon & it's own DVD player :p