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The dawning of a new EU surveillance era

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Again, the deployed technologies we are installing nationally are being kicked in full force in Europe.
    The terrorism angle is all but now extigusihed with a majority of the blind public no longer questioning these endeavours.

    Again George Orwell......

    On a personal note. Having lived in Europe for many years, this level of change is becoming unprecedented, except after 1945.


  2. Hey PP. Were you a CIA master-assassin from an elite and experimental project that went wrong, who has developed amnesia after they tried to "clean you" and you found yourself in a shipping container in Port Melbourne with no recollection of who you were? But now you spend hours a day trawling every snippet of "working paper" and tabloid sensationalist trash that is spewed onto the WWW as a vain attempt to get back at the people who used you and spat you out? If so, I reckon they could make a movie out of this. Oh wait....they already have. Sorry.

    You do know I work for the government don't you? 8-[
  3. That's a scary step for sure.

    Politics of fear.

    Yes, yes... do nothing wrong and you have nothing to fear... but it's when you didn't do anything wrong and still get caught up in the sausage machine that is concerning part.
  4. There is the issue with all these quotes, they are just speculations, plans and proposals. Every little group can make one of these and send it to a parliament. It takes a long long time from this stage to become a law. It has to go through numerous desks and meetings and specialist and reshaped to something more acceptable and workable and then voted by the eu and then every member of the eu individually. The quoted text is a European leaflet of a lobby to try and get support from the public. Like giving a leaflet from a church group in Coffs Harbour about the ban of alcohol in the main road, to a farmer in Norway...
    These posts belong to the WHO Magazine, under political gossip..
  5. Shhhhhhhhhh........ his real name is Jason...............Bourne.............. :p
  6. Do nothing wrong, be detained for years at a time in an American camp and then released without charge.
  7. Facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, what's the difference :?
  8. Computings best facial recognition is about equal to a 1yo. fingerprints are a bit easier :D
  9. What's the difference to me is what I meant.
  10. Even I can tell the difference between a facial and a fingerprint
  11. If it wasn't that it would be some fcukwit bleeding heart magistrate making a value judgement on a law that would have ordered it ceased.
  12. China's already got that technology...biometrics (thumbprint and retina scan) with an e-passport. I don't mind it, it's faster to enter/exit out of the country.

    Even here in Australia, I noticed on Tullamarine had a biometrics scanning gate. However it was out of order :roll: :LOL: :LOL: