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The Dark Knight Rises

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mike_dnhm, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Went and saw it last night. Brilliant movie. Plus there are a few bikes in there. The Batpod as expected, but also some BMW GS's

  2. It's a good movie but god damn it I couldn't understand 1/2 of what Bane was saying.
  3. Deleted by HB - poor taste

    Definnition of poor taste - men wearing their undies on the outside.
  4. Loved it! Seeing a certain sniper was a big happy note for me.
  5. 4 D
    Fourth dimension is a real joker with real bullets
  6. good movie but i thing i missed most of the plot becasaue bane was not speaking english
  7. saw it Saturday night, YAWN...
  8. Saw it on Friday night. Seems like they've seriously quickened the steering of the BatPod this time around; it does a much more convincing job of being awesome than in The Dark Knight, where those huge Hoosiers made it rather lethargic in turning.
  9. Somehow I doubt it's ever actually seen a road that wasn't on a computer screen.
  10. #11 Spots, Jul 23, 2012
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    I'm not so sure, Lilley. Nolan (the director) is a huge huge huge fan of physical effects and props and models rather than C/G, whereever possible. The Tumbler/batmobile, for example, did its own physical stunts including fairly hefty jumps and being capable of 0-100kph in under six seconds.

    Elements of the BatPod's behaviour I'm sure are "fake" (e.g. the way the wheels can tumble sideways), but I've no doubt the bulk of its use involves real stunt riding on real roads. :)

    Edit: Stumbled across this video while poking around the internet tonight. It's the 'Making Of' of the BatPod for The Dark Knight, with lots of test-riding/stunts. [media=youtube]IlWKCRI1sBI[/media] :D