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The dangers of using the bus lane

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by dezmonster, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Traveling South in peak hour traffic riding in the bus lane at legal speed
    past all the stooges one person per car wasting petrol and road space.

    Driver traveling North wanting to turn right across the peak hour traffic flow is waved through by curtious drivers stuck in the slow moving car park.

    Turning driver looks for a big blue bus .....none there so across he goes.......
    misses me by a meter ](*,) .........oh shit didn't see that motorbike in the bus lane ....thinks to him self "bloody dangerous things them motorcycles"

    I always cover my brake in traffic through intersections or where ever drivers are making me nervous or untrusting.

    This happened to me twice in ten minutes!

    Do not trust anyones ability to actually look and use their brain while driving a car they are in their hermetically sealed bubble texting dreaming eating safe n sound surrounded by air bags.

    Keep a keen eye out hombres. :angel:
  2. And if they don't see a big noisy motorcycle, HTF would they ever see a bicycle there...
  3. This is pretty common on my commute, every side street has the potential to go pear shaped with turning traffic. Not trying to defend drivers but it is quite hard to spot a bike travelling in a bus lane when traffic is bumper to bumper and it's trying to turn across 2 lanes. I slow down to a crawl when I can't see through an intersection with stopped cars on my right.
  4. GOLD!!!

    Headlights on, hi-vis vests......I don't think so

    ....shooting car drivers?.....mmmmmaybe, just maybe 8-[
  5. be nice if the powers that be ran a motorcycle awareness campaign on TV for a week or two. A little help is better that none
  6. Yep, would love for this to happen.

    In fact even just some signs to say you "turn left from the bus lane not cut across it" - assuming the bus lane is on the left. This is my pet hate, we've had bus lanes for so many years now but everyday on Parramatta road people turn left from the middle lane rather than left (bus) lane.
  7. that's to be expected though. on the way uni today i had 3 cars dart out of side streets across bus lanes to try and get into stationary traffic that was banked up from lights.

    will invest in a bus one day, so i clean some of these morons off the road
  8. Filtering between stationary cars - the ONLY safe(ish) option.
  9. yep, if you cant see them until the last minute, they cant see you either.
    bit of a lucky dip if you just fly thru without slowing down a fair bit
  10. A classic spot for cars turning across stopped traffic and OUR bus lane is here:


    Heading Westbound in the Bus lane, during evening peak hour traffic it's always backed up past this intersection. You get impatient, tired, frustrated cagers from the other direction turning right into the side street (Moore St) It's downhill and on a bit of a bend, I'm extra cautious here beacause I can't see the turning cars due to the banked up vehicles. Should be a No Right Turn during peak hours...
  11. This saved you from a lot of pain/injury. Well done :)
  12. bus lanes are death traps, go between the cars only as titus mentioned.
    and preferably between the two innermost lanes to the centre of the road, this way oncomming traffic about to cut through, or get waved through a gap, is most likely to see you.
    between two cars is a safe place to be.
    overtaking between two cars is safe, because they see each other beside them and they don't move into each other.
    overtaking a lane of slow moving cars in an empty lane to the left or right of them is not safe. all they see is an empty lane there, and they will move into it.
    cars are buffers. they buffer you from other cars. always buffer.
  13. Don't know what the normal is in vic, but the attitude to bus lanes in sydney is different. Agree with the overriding point though
  14. desmonster... Sydney Northern Beaches? Drivers are still getting used to having bus lanes over this way (you'd think 2 years would be enough) and I've seen a number of accidents involving a bike being hit in the bus lane. I always ride extra cautiously when the traffic is banked up around here and I'm in a bus lane. There are plenty of "got my license free in a box of Wheetbix" that don't realise that bikes can legally use bus lanes and don't consciously watch for them when crossing. Conversely, you need to watch out for cagers (in my area, they're normally driving BMW's) who sneak down bus lanes because the traffic rules apparently don't apply to them!

    Take it easy when travelling in a bus lane, you're already doing much better than the cagers stuck in the other lanes/queues and take extra caution when approaching side streets (where you'll see most of the accidents occur).
  15. Yeah Blaise Nth Beaches, just up the road from you .
    I don't ride fast in the bus lane I am extremely cautious as It is just human nature for drivers to get frustrated and pull in to it for a quick spurt when they think they can get away with it.

    But here is a thread jack ha ha in my own thread
    Who else has a really big problem with Taxi drivers?

    IMO they are some of the most dangerous and unpredictable drivers
    on Sydney streets, they will pull out on you with no indicator do U turns in front of you throw the wheel over aggressively at the sniff of a fare swap lanes .......they bloody scare the shit out of me
    closely followed by Girl P platers who always seem to be texting as they drive , I was beside one the other day watching her text I slowed down for the RED light ahead she went through it with out even looking up
    right in the middle of "yeah grlfnd where we gunna party tonight Im guna get soooo maggot "
  16. ^sorry to head off topic but agree taxi drivers can be a menace - the key when they are around and particularly in front of you is to scan both footpaths as they do. If you see anyone looking like they are after a cab be prepared to perform an e-brake or just give yourself plenty of space.
  17. And to continue the off-topic theme... my first near-miss when returning to bikes was with a taxi chucking a U-turn across my path on damp Bridge St (city) when some muppet hailed it from my side of the road. Prick caused a brown-moment for what was probably a $5 fare to the Rocks!

    With the texting chicky-babes... no shortage in this area. Now some of the telco's are offering free Twitter/Facebook access, they're probably twittering or updating their "status" as well.

    Edit: NRMA released the finding of a survey this morning: One in ten motorists they surveyed admitted to updating their Facebook status whilst driving. Don't know what demographic they targeted but it's still alarming.
  18. Bloody Facebook.
  19. I've seen soooo many do this AS THEY COME UP TO RED LIGHTS. It's ****ing terrifying. "ohhh the light's red I no longer need to pay attention, I'll just **** with my phone while I scare the shit out of everyone in front of me"

    I will usually split for this reason, I've had an experience in my car where I just watched the person behind me not even slow down straight into the back of the car. Did not even look up for a good 5+ seconds. Had nowhere to go..
    The same ones then take 15 seconds to realise that the light is no longer red because they're too busy writing "LOOLOL!111 DRIVNG WITH MATES" on their facebook status

    Baaaaack to buslanes:
    The one going onto the Harbour bridge (just before it splits off onto the left and right parts of it, citybound) is the worst. Everyone has to go from left to the right or visa versa and you're right in the middle of both lanes.. I gave up bothering with it a while back. Also had some **** in an Audi A3 randomly pull into it and nearly take me out back near the underpass that goes onto Military Rd.

    I also need to ride down Harris Street in the city for uni.. it's worse than Thailand. The road surface is like the moon not to mention taxis diving across lanes to pick up businessmen at the drop of hat with nothing more than a glance in their mirrors and a prayer for the 11 people they're about to cut off.

    BTW Has anyone noticed the bump on the eastern distributor just as you come onto it from Brook street? I've hit it twice now and it's nearly kicked me onto the tank.. Talk about sore balls.
  20. Today while riding to work at 330 pm on Parra Rd, city bound, I had a woman change into the bus lane to turn left without indicating, was only going about 30 as we were approaching a set of lights but I had to brake bloody hard. Held on to the horn for about 10 seconds and she stopped presumably realising her retardation so I went around her on the right. Was in a bad mood already because I was hungry so I said "use your ****ing mirrors" but I doubt she heard.