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The dangers of not indicating - study

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by SevenSins, May 1, 2012.

  1. New US reseach, interesting...but not like we don't know this already...


  2. In Canberra they are not indicators but confirminators - they come on after the lane change has occurred
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  3. Manouver, signal, mirror :twisted:.
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  4. That's because in Canberra if you put one on before changing, the bastard at the back of the gap will accelerate up to try and close it.
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  5. Perth's like that too. I've more or less given up using mine for lane changes.
  6. But... but.. but...

    Enforcing *those* rules would require actual police work! How the hell do we get a camera to direct debit, i mean, charge, I mean, fine people for not indicating or looking where they are going????

    Madness. You'll see.
  7. But remember if a vehicle they hit is even 1kph over any posted limit, then they are not required to use any indicators....

    By authority of VicPol and the TAC.... (yes they have their eyes on every other state too)
  8. i just worry about the physics now.
    it's gotten really weird down in Vic.
    my front brake does nothing at all.
  9. So you've bought an MZ then :D.
  10. Nah, he's on an R1!
  11. Indicators are barely used in the gong, it's such a strenuous task to move a plastic lever one inch up or down in their car,4wd,truck,bus,whatever...