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The dangers of Lane Splitting

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Milos, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. I was riding home last night along Mt Alexender road through light rain and I just passed Maribyrnong Road where I’m greeted with cars bumper to bumper all the way down the road. I see that I have a clear path between lanes for about 100m which is all I need to get to my turn off. The only thing that might cause me some trouble is that dog sticking its head out of a ute...

    I can’t zip past it because I’m on wet tram tracks so I slowly approach the ute and get about a meter away from the dog when it starts barking like crazy and tries to jump out the window. The couple in the car across are probably wondering what the, until the lady in passenger seat looks behind and see me on the bike, I wave, she waves and starts laughing and points me out to her husbands. I yell out to them I can wait!! Meanwhile Cujo is still going ape sh!t.

    Traffic finally start moving forward and the couple in the car give me wide berth so I can get around the dog keeping my arm intact. :D

    (paused for a minutes silence)

    Has anyone ever been attacked by a dog while lane splitting past it?
  2. nope my jacket has elbow pads and that connected to the side of my arm is what the dog would get if it tried........

    btw before all the dog lovers start, have no problems with dogs, but ifthey do attack i have see no problem defending yourself
  3. :LOL:

    That's hilarious. Cujo... :LOL:
  4. I got attacked by a snake once?
  5. Cujo, i dont get it.

    Wheres google when you need him
  6. too many possibilities, essy, you know you just derailed the thread in just 3 posts, don't you???

    I had a large mutt on the back of the 'Aussie ute' going mad at me once so I backed off a bit, and changed lanes to the other lane. The dog was tied on the right side of the tray, so he couldn't get across to the left when I passed. I'm sure he would have had a go if he could have reached, it's a bit of a worry, isn't it??
  7. Hehe if I had my leather jacket on I'd say good luck to the dog!

    But I was wearing my waterproof jacket with a thin lining and padding. His teeth would of won :LOL:
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  11. haha
    "Your mind reading ability is really starting to get scary!!"
  12. where the hell do you find this stuff loz, and why do you go looking for it in the first place :shock: :LOL:
  13. LOL nah I couldn't find one which met the AS 1698 standard!
  14. Years ago I had a holiday job in Canberra delivering telegrams on a CT90 and got attacked a couple of times by dogs.

    The only time I had a real problem was while riding slowly along the footpath in the backblocks of Hackett looking for a house number and I heard a noise.

    I looked down and saw what looked like a bald rat jumping up and down next to the bike. It was a chihuahua so small it didn't even reach the footpeg and it was trying to have a go at me. :LOL:

    I was laughing at it, not paying attention and ended up in a hedge - undamaged :LOL:

    I was still laughing after I picked the bike up as it was trying to bite me through my boots but it couldn't open its mouth wide enough to get a grip :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I was very tempted to boot it over the house roof but there were too many people around (also plssing themselves laughing) :?

  15. What? While riding?
  16. yeah, on my ride to echuca almost a month back. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11148&start=0

    Snake jumped at me, but was waaay too slow (or maybe I was too fast :LOL: ) and missed my back tyre by far... then im fairly sure it got cleaned up by the car behind me.
  17. Heh, I was actually googling for a video Chengaleng showed me the other day. It was a Japanese gameshow where about 15 pretty Japanese girls wearing hard-hats with bacon strapped to them had to hold their heads up through holes in the bottom of a cage where a hungry gila monster was running around.

    Struth, them Japanese.
  18. actually one yesterday i recieveda video clip of a japanese man who straps rockets to his back and then takes off.... (was at a pier with water) but still funny as, if i can figure out how to post a video i will post it up
  19. Where can I get some of these rockets? Strap the to my bike! :twisted:
  20. :LOL: If you found the link post it!