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The cycle of life

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by theiceman, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. First up this is a true story but I won't take offence at anyone thinking its bullshit.

    Riding from Forster (NSW) along Bucketts Way toward Gloucester. Somewhere around Tittatee Creek (yep Tittatee hee hee) I spot what looked like a feral cat about to pounce on a crow that was feeding on a piece of road kill roo.

    As I'm approaching (slowly I might add, it was a big chunk of roo) a dog comes flying out of nowhere to take a chunk outta the cat, presumably to keep the road kill for himself.

    Dickhead dog hears me coming but without looking, turns and runs straight into my back wheel and rolls a few times to a stop, then dusts himself off and hobbles into the bush. My first thought is to see if the dog's ok (and maybe or maybe not kick it shitless for scarin the crap outta me).

    Then I have a sudden thought: Is there a bloody big truck up my arse? Am I the next link in this chain?
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this... What are the odds really?

    The dog probably got shot by someone, who then got run over by a car, which then got t-boned by a truck, the driver of whom will die in a plane crash, the pilot of that plane will then die of cancer.

    Such is life. :grin:

    I'm not sure if a "grin" is what i wanted here...
  3. :LOL: and then a plane lining up to take out the truck...
  4. I was half expecting the missus to poison my tea for enjoying my day off :LOL:
  5. The plane would be crashing into the truck because of the roo which had somehow crawled into its left turbine ..... plane crashes .... out comes roo-kill .....

    if you think about this now-complete loop over and over faster and faster your brain will explode I guarantee.
  6. Thanks for sharing that! :)
  7. nice one. you got to love those split second 'maybeeeee' moments.
    but how is the cat ?.
  8. some might. some might not.
    think of the children for gods sake
  9. Reminded me of the time I was riding down a striaght piece of road, not so slowly... and a rabbit runs out infront of me ... I hold my line because I know as soon as I commit to something he is gonna cut back on me...

    I am almost about to pass him and he thinks that he should jump into my front wheel. it gives the handlebars a bit of a pull as the rubber grips him and turns the wheel towards him for a a sec then he is spat of and rolls off behind me I presume to have a really bad night.

    was my first ever road kill... ever... and it was on my brand new bike.
    not sure about everyone else but thats how I lost my road kill virginity :wink: its ok the rabbit was gentle. :cool:
  10. I had it stuffed and sharpened, then sent it to Sinner to help dig that bug out of his arse :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  11. 10 points. :LOL:
  12. The rule of road biking and animals is - if you could not eat it in one sitting don't run over it.
  13. There was a pussie in this story :shock:
  14. No it was clean :grin:
  15. clean shaven?

    I don't eat what I can't see.

  16. is that because of the rabid dogs attacking you on the GPX ?.
    and personally i blame the youth of today
  17. I had a ZZR... and it wasn't dogs... it was round abouts... :shock:
  18. sorry browny. either ive gone mad or a post dissapeared from that guy with the avatar that has pumas attacking a GPX.
    maybe i just need to have a nap..
  19. yeah posts went missing including one of mine telling him to chill... have a nap anyway...