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The curse of early adoption....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. "Apple launched its new 3G iPhone this morning and slashed the cost to almost half the price of the existing model during the Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Francisco"

    Doesn't Apple do this to its long-suffering devotees all the time? Talk about treating your existing customers with contempt.....

  2. Why is this treating customers with contempt?

    It's like any form of new technology. There will always be something bigger and better to be released the next year.

    Of course, if the development life of a product is deliberately planned this way, then yeah it's probably a contemptible thing to do.

    But then that's why we have competition. If you don't like say, the iPhone you buy something else.

    Remember, no-one is forced to early adopt. And I certainly don't do it when it cames to major name brand products.
  3. That is true, there will always be bigger, better, faster.
    But when Apple brought out the original iPhone G3 was already the standard for smart phones.
    Personally I think any one that bought a 2G iPhone was an idiot, as this was inevitable. (as such “treating your customers with contempt†is a very good description)
  4. Not really, Hornet.

    If there's any customer base that can be trusted to grab their beret, decaf, skim-white cappucino and rush out to buy the latest Product -> it's Apple fans.

    They'll be just as happy with the price as any first-time buyer.
  5. You buy the latest Technology, you will pay a higher price and the Technology will move on and the price will drop.

    That's life

    Been in the electrical Industry for 16 years, That's the way it is in just about everything you do, Motorbikes cars, computers, TV's Etc Etc.

    I bought a Panasonic Plasma TV, SD Resolution, No digital tuner at Cost $3000

    12 months later a Panasonic HD panel with a digital tuner is $2000
    So by your logic, Panasonic has Contempt towards Myself and the Market

    You adopted a new product early and now the market has moved and the technology has changed.
    Build a Bridge and get over it.
  6. :? The only Apples I own are on the kitchen table, and they have pips in them :?
  7. [​IMG]

    Sucks if you just bought one.. :grin: